Media Release: Creative Scotland publishes its policy for Scots language (Scots version)

Creative Scotland Publishes its policy for Scots Language.

CREATIVE Scotland is publishin its furst Scots Language Policy, the day, underlinin the organisation’s commitment tae supportin the language throu its ain wurk an the wurk that it gies siller tae across the airts, screen an creative industries.

A heidmaist element o the policie is the makkin o the job o Scots Scriever, a furst fur Scotland, an a jynt initiative atween Creative Scotland an the Naitional Librarie o Scotland. This job, open tae applications fae the day, will be a twa-year residencie, basit at the Naitional Librarie o Scotland uphauden wi fundin fae Creative Scotland.

The ettle o the role of Scots Scriever wull be tae mak oreeginal creative wurk in Scots, its sindrie kins an dialects, athort onie airt-form, as weel as raisin awareness, appreciation an yaise o Scots across the kintra an amangst aw pairts o the population.

Creative Scotland’s Scots Language Policie wis publisht the day at a gaitherin hostit bi the Naitional Librarie o Scotland an attendit bi Fiona Hyslop, Cabinet Secretarie fir Culture, Europe an Ootlan Affairs an the scriever an Scots publisher, James Robertson.

Fiona Hyslop, Cabinet Secretary fir Culture, Europe an Ootlan Affairs, said: “The Scottish Government’s ambition is fur the Scots language tae be kent, gien wurth an yaisit in Scottish public an hameart life.

“The Scots language is a heichmaist pairt o Scotland’s kenspecklt culture an heritage, an the Scottish Government taks tent o the forderin o the Scots language throughoot Scotland in aw its regional an local sindrie kins.

“In adoptin this policie, Creative Scotland hauds wi the contribution the Scots language has brocht, an continues tae bring,tae Scotland’s rich culture an heritage, in a kintra wi mair nor 1.5 million Scots spikkars.”

James Robertson said: “I welcome this strang statement o commitment and intent frae Creative Scotland. It recognises Scots baith as a pairt o the identity and daily life o hunners o thoosans o folk, and as a byordnar national cultural asset.

“I hope this policy gies a steer tae creative bodies and organisations oot-through the land tae engage wi Scots in aw kinds o weys. This isna aboot lookin ahint, whitiver the language’s bygane achievements: it is aboot makkin shair that Scots hauds forrit tae be seen and heard in the future.”

Jenny Niven, Heid o Literature, Publishin an Languages at Creative Scotland, said: “We hiv uphauden Scots across a reenge o airt forms fir monie years nou includin leeterature, theatre, music an film.

“Whit this policie dis, houanever, is gies focus fir oor efforts tae uphaud the language in aw its sindrie kins an dialecks, generatin a sense o renewit energie an intent. We are maist ava pleased tae be wurkin in pairtnership wi the Naitional Librarie o Scotland tae host the new Scots Scriever job which wull support the wurk tae support Scots undertaken bi us an monie ither organisations.”

Dr John Scally, Naitional Librarian at the Naitional Librarie o Scotland, said: “We are delightit tae be workin wi Creative Scotland in creatin this excitin new scrievin role, as pairt o oor ongaun commitment tae the Scots language.

“Oor collections are rich in Scots an include some o the earliest examples o scrieven Scots throu tae scrievers sic as Robert Burns, Hugh MacDiarmid an, in mair recent times, Irvine Welsh.”


Notes tae Editors

Creative Scotland’s Scots Language Policy is published today, 3 June, and can be found here:

Details on the Scots Screiver role including how to apply can be found here:

The job o Scots Scriever is jyntlie supportit bi Creative Scotland, wi siller o £50,000, an the Naitional Librarie o Scotland who will host the job, gie administrative support an access tae thir Scots archive.

This is a unique kinna scrieven residencie wi a high level o public engagement, a creative repone tae Scots collections at the Naitional Librarie o Scotland, an regular ongaun ootput in Scots aw required throughoot the tenure.

The purpose o the Scriever residencie is:

  • tae mak original, creative work in Scots (sindrie kin or dialeck) in onie genre or discipline throughoot the tenure
  • tae hiv explicit responsibilitie for heizin up the profile, unnerstaunin an appreciation o creative work in the Scots language, includin awthin haud within the Naitional Librarie’s collections. The residencie runs fir a period o twa-year, basit at the Naitional Librarie, wi roon aboot wan week per month throughoot that time. It is expectit that aroon 50 per cent o the time will be spent on makkin new creative wurk an 50 per cent on the profile raisin/public engagement aspeck o the role. Applicants are encouraged fae athort Scotland; a traivel bursary is available as pairt o the job.

Fur mair information, please contack:
Kenneth Fowler
Director o Communications
07970 557 960

Creative Scotland is the public bodie that supports the airts, screen an creative industries athort aw pairts o Scotland fur awbodie who lives, wurks or veesits here. We dae this throu fundin, development, advocacie an influence an we gie oot fundin fae the Scottish Government an the Naitonal Lottery.

We want Scotland tae be a kintra whaur excellence an experimentation athort the airts, screen an creative industries is recognised and gien wurth; awbodie can tak pairt an enjoy artistic an creative experiences; places an qualitie o life are transformed throu imagination, ambition an an unnerstaunin o the potential o creativitie: ideas are brocht tae life bi a diverse, skilled an connectit leadership an wurkforce; Scotland is a kenspecklt creative nation connectit tae the world.

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