Media Release: Growing Scots eco fitness brand, vivimoss, launches in London


SCOTS fitness eco label, vivimoss, is taking up residency in London for the summer with a pop-up shop as part of continuing expansion for the brand.

Edinburgh-based former stockbroker, Lauren Moss, who launched vivimoss in 2014, has chosen to showcase her latest range in the city’s Notting Hill.

As part of the brand’s evolution, Lauren’s designs, for both men and women, will be stocked in pioneering pilates centre, Bootcamp Pilates, throughout August. Vivimoss is also stocked in a number of independent outlets across the UK in addition to the brand’s online store.

Lauren traded in her career in the financial services industry to follow her dream to launch the expanding, ethically-sourced sportswear brand.

Inspired by her passion for fitness and the outdoors, the 32 year-old decided to leave the corporate world to pursue her dream of a life in sport while working with and supporting up and coming UK sportsmen and women.

Lauren has appointed three ambassadors to help promote the brand – decathlete Joe Hobson, sprinter Kristie Edwards and CrossFit enthusiast Conor Kidner.

A keen athlete who competes in the demanding sport of CrossFit, Lauren said: “After ten years in a job that was not fulfilling my hopes and dreams, I decided that I needed to make the leap… and I thought, why not?

“I felt that I couldn’t find the kind of fitness clothing that I wanted to wear – simple and functional, yet comfortable and stylish, and that could take me from the gym to dog walking, to popping to the shops, or out for coffee.

“It’s a dream come true to be able to do something I love while also helping young athletes to follow their sporting desires.”

Key to the development of the brand was its ethical and green policies.

Lauren has visited the factories where vivimoss products are made and all manufacturers are inspected and comply with the Business Social Compliance Initiative. In addition, vivimoss operates strict green business policies and continually strives to improve where possible.

She said: “I wanted to embed in vivimoss the kind of ethical and green credentials that I would be proud of, and I hope our customers will be proud of too.”

At the core of the vivimoss brand are the key pre-requisites of simplicity, high quality, well-made, fresh new lifestyle-orientated clothing.

Lauren said: “Having now spent more than a year out of office attire, it has made me realise even more the importance of comfortable clothing that is vibrant, fun, and that wears well.”

For Lauren, combining her love of fitness with her business acumen has allowed her to pursue her love of CrossFit, a demanding strength and conditioning programme consisting mainly of a mix of aerobic exercise, gymnastics and Olympic weightlifting.

She said: “For me, CrossFit is about a healthy lifestyle rather than just exercise – it encompasses healthy eating as well as fitness. I’m much more conscious of what I eat and drink and I’m now a lot leaner, healthier and physically stronger than before.”

Lauren added: “I used to go to the gym at lunchtimes when I worked in an office. Now that I’m working on my own, I try to go five or six times a week and it’s great to have that support and encouragement from the friends I’ve made there. I found their support really helpful when I left my job to set up on my own.”

Lauren stressed: “The Spanish speaking will recognise the word ‘vivimos’ as we live or a toast to life. For me, that’s what it’s all about – following my dream and loving life.”

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Lauren is introducing the vivimoss range to the city’s sports and fitness fans at a pop-up shop in Bootcamp Pilates, 64 Porchester Road, Bayswater, London W2 6ET, throughout August.



Image shows the latest vivimoss women’s range

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Lauren Moss is available for interview about vivimoss and how, sparked by her passion for fitness, she gave up a successful career in the financial services industry to take the bold step of launching her brand, and her commitment to ethical sourcing and policies for her products.

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About vivimoss

vivimoss is a new fitness brand launched in 2014 with the aim of bringing a flexible lifestyle range to the fitness retail market with simplicity and desirability at its heart.

The name and branding encapsulate the brand philosophy ‘a toast to life’ and the hashtag #welive sums up this attitude on social media.

The vivimoss brand has an ethical sourcing policy for all its ranges and has green business credentials to match within current manufacturing restrictions. At its core vivimoss places its customer at the centre of its decision-making in their pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

The brand offers stylish, well-made fitness clothing which appeals across many sectors from the gym to sailing to cycling and beyond. vivimoss is quickly establishing itself as a quality independent sports label.

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