Media Release: Media academy plan seeking survey responses


A PLAN to launch a comprehensive media skills and resources ‘academy’ is seeking to first gauge the possible level of interest, via an online survey.

The website,, already provides organisations with a facility to connect with the media. Its low-cost media release posting subscriptions enable SMEs, charities, educational institutions, food producers, sports bodies, theatre companies, music groups, art galleries, etc to share their stories and enjoy high ‘search engine optimisation’.

But the site is now considering extending its services to include, among many other things, media audits and fortnightly media training seminars. It has, for several years, provided bespoke training, on an one-to-one or one-to-a-few basis.

To that end, it has launched an online survey to determine the possible appetite for a more comprehensive media offering; for a relatively modest annual fee.

Says a spokesperson: “This feels like a natural next step for But it’s for the market to decide whether there is a sufficient demand for what would be a wide-ranging media curriculum.

“We are confident many organisations – especially those without an in-house media operation – will be interested in the offering and provide feedback in our survey.

“We are hoping to offer pretty much everything, including training on social media strategy, crisis communications, insight into what journalists are looking for and writing skills.”

Take part in the survey, here. It takes about four minutes to complete.

Contact: Mike Wilson