Media Release: Scottish employers urged to do more to discourage sexism in the workplace

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BEGINS Alan Price, managing director of Peninsula Scotland, who said, today: “Sexism in the workplace is still very much alive and this is a warning that employers in Scotland need to do more to get to grips with the problem.

“We have spoken with employees and managers who claim that they have been victims of offensive, sexist jokes.

“It is 2015 and unacceptable levels of sexism in the workplace still exist; it is not just women who are the victims, more men are also claiming to be victims.

“What may seem as a harmless joke can very easily be perceived as a sexist comment that can easily offend.

“Bosses need to ensure their management are fully aware of the severity of the issue and should do more to help prevent and tackle any instances of sexism.

“All staff should be made aware of the dangers and how quickly such issues can escalate into a HR problem.

“As shocking as it may seem, women are still experiencing gender bias in the workplace, which ranges from subtle gestures including being given less important tasks, to more overt behaviours such as being subjected to sexist remarks.

“In today’s working environment however, women are not the only ones being subjected to bouts of sexism in the workplace, male employees have reported hearing management of both sexes describe a gruelling task as ‘man’s work’ or experiencing female colleagues making crude remarks as a male colleague passes by.

“Sexism is preventable by encouraging and implementing a culture of non-tolerance; this should be promoted from directors and senior managers down to the shop floor.

“Employers need to ensure that they create a culture where sexism, whether it is banter, workplace jokes, or decorative comments is not allowed.

“Issues can certainly accelerate and can, if not dealt effectively, possibly result in employment tribunal, so employers need to address the issue head on.”

For further clarification, please contact Peninsula Scotland on 0800 028 2420.

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