Media Release: Voting platform experiencing heaviest polling so far


A NEW Vote Scotland voting platform is currently experiencing its heaviest poll so far – on the vexed question of whether military action in Syria.

Begins Vote Scotland spokesperson, Martyn Greene: “The Prime Minister is to seek parliamentary approval to begin bombing ISIL. However, First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, has already indicated that the SNP will vote against the move.

“David Cameron claims that a Security Council resolution is not strictly necessary. The Commons voted against military intervention in Syria in August 2013 but, following the killings in Paris, MPs are likely to vote in favour this time.

“The Vote Scotland and its sister, Vote England, websites are highly sophisticated and secure voting platforms that have the potential to allow everyone on the Electoral Roll to instantly express their preference on a range of current issues.

“Both voting platforms will be formally launched early in 2016. The websites have been running low-key polls for over a year, to fine-tune the technology that supports them.

“Voters must be on the Electoral Roll and various checks are in place to prevent people voting more than once.”

He continued: “The current poll which is due to conclude next Monday 30th so far shows a majority against bombing.

“Thus far, the figure is 70 per cent against.

“However, until sufficient people begin to use the new polling system, results cannot be guaranteed to accurately reflect wider public opinion.

“We are delighted with the increased attention being given to our latest poll. Our Scottish website has been designed to accommodate up to four million registered users. Even if only five per cent of the Scottish Electorate take part, that would be 100,000 votes. Conventional opinion polls normally only involve 1,000 people, so ours would be more credible.”


Notes to editors:

  1. Websites; and
  2. This is a politically neutral service to replace traditional opinion polls by allowing everyone on the Electoral Roll to vote securely.
  3. Both voting platforms are protected by electronic checks and barriers to ensure people can only vote once.
  4. Registered users can also propose a subject for a future poll
  5. The results are published on conclusion of the vote and can be analysed according to location, age and gender.
  6. Part of the Charter Campaign for a Free Parliament

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Contact: Martyn Greene