Media Release: Secure storage the ‘only way’ to avoid flood fears


WITH Scotland having had its wettest December on record, and many businesses and householders counting the costs of losing valuable possessions, a storage expert has offered advice for householders and businesses following recent flooding damage.

In recent weeks, homeowners and businesses across the North-east have been evacuated due to the severe weather conditions, leaving destroyed personal and valuable possessions behind.

Kevin Shand, managing director of Aberdeen’s Simply Self Storage, said that flooding and extreme fluctuations in weather patterns look set to stay and people need to think differently about how they protect their goods at home.

He said: “We often put some of our most valued possessions in the most vulnerable parts of our houses or workplaces such as garages or warehouses where as well as being in danger from flooding or damp, the temperature can fluctuate from hot to literally freezing.

“Often, the first things to be destroyed in household floods are photographs, representing years of memories, which should really be kept in cool, dry areas with a constant temperature.

“Residential properties are not the only ones who have suffered from flooding, commercial businesses are paying the price for not storing important documents safely.”

Mr Shand added that we can no longer put important business property in a basement or shed.

He said: “Businesses which have valuable equipment and important paperwork which needs to be kept for legal reasons, should be protecting their archives from adverse weather conditions.

“Whether you believe the floods are a result of climate change or just a change in the weather, torrential rainfall is happening more and more. Business premises and homes in high-risk areas need to take precautions.

“Furthermore, as temperatures fluctuate storage of valuable possessions in unheated buildings such as garages and sheds is a risky strategy.

“Insurers have estimated the cost of the recent storms could add up to £5bn for the UK. Rapid overflows of water are becoming increasingly common. Homes and businesses should store valuable items in a clean, climate-controlled secure facility.”

Mr Shand continued: “As people in the North-east discovered this month, flood water can be deadly and destructive.

“Water can rise to a few feet in a few hours, leaving little or no time to move possessions. Furthermore, fast moving water can knock you off your feet. Preparation and planning is the best way to avoid being a victim of our changing weather.”

Secure storage:


Stored in a climate controlled building, paint can last up to ten years, but kept below 10 deg C or above 22 deg C, the paint will be ruined.


Unless stored in a climate controlled room paper and fabrics can become fodder for pests. Christmas decorations, school artwork, summer party paper cups and plates, curtains and soft toys make a fabulous treat for mice and to chew through in a garage or shed, and would be destroyed during any flooding.

Garden furniture

Paddling pools, wooden tables and chairs, swing seats are becoming increasingly popular – but if they are allowed to damp area they may rot away.


Birth certificates, marriage licences, business paperwork and school reports should be stored in a secure, temperature controlled area to avoid them being eaten by pests or allowed to get ruined by water.

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