Media Release: Scottish Bakers – an industry position on folic acid


FOLLOWING an announcement by the Scottish Government on Friday 22nd January 2016 confirming that  “Scotland is considering whether to add folic acid to flour as concern mounts that there could be an increase in birth defects while the Westminster government delays a decision”, Scottish Bakers – which represents the interests of professional bakers throughout the country – has made the following statement:

“The bakery industry is clear that this is a medical issue not a bakery one. The Health Minister has to make the decision.

“In saying that, a Scotland-only decision could have major implications on the food and bakery sector. If Scotland goes down this route, it could make life difficult for the bakery sector as a whole across the UK and globally with food products one of Scotland’s major exports.

“This change has only just been announced and we haven’t had the opportunity to review the full implications. But, as a trade association, we would welcome the opportunity to engage with the Health Minister and shape how it would work in practice if the decision was made.”

Implications include:

  • Consideration over whether this change is made at the raw ingredient (flour) stage at the mill or added to bakery products themselves during production at a craft bakery;
  • Would it apply to products made in Scotland or products sold in Scotland or both? and
  • There are implications also for bakery exports; shortbread, for example, is a major Scottish export.

Editors note:

Scottish Bakers was established in 1891 and since then we have represented and promoted the interests of the bakery trade in Scotland.

We aim to be an integral part of each member’s business by providing support for bakers of all sizes.

We provide a valuable source of help, advice, information, assistance and skills development for bakers throughout Scotland.

But most importantly, Scottish Bakers belongs to its members, we are all there for their benefit and are proud of our motto, ‘for the good of all’.

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