Media release: CashBack for Creativity – over £1.7m awarded to creative and cultural activities for young Scots

Justice Secretary Michael Matheson joins young filmmakers to announce over £1.7m awarded to creative and cultural activities for young people across Scotland

TODAY, Wednesday, 13 September 2017, Creative Scotland is announcing details of £1.7m in funding awards to 49 youth arts projects across the country, supported through the CashBack for Creativity programme.

The programme aims to tackle inequality by removing barriers to access and provision of arts and creative experiences for young people, aged 10-24 regardless of background or situation.

Youth clubs, schools, community groups and arts organisations will be offering activities including workshops in filmmaking, including editing, storyboarding, and directing; musical production and recording sessions to develop skills with instruments, writing music, recording, editing and mixing; experience in radio, TV and photography; dance, theatre, circus workshops, including script writing, choreography, prop making, lighting and stage design; painting, drawing, sculpture, quilting, weaving and embroidery classes; and arts management workshops offering young promoters skills development in programming, promoting, marketing, box office and front of house roles.

Iain Munro, deputy chief executive, Creative Scotland, said: “Regular engagement with art and creativity helps transform young people’s lives, improving health and well-being, and reducing social isolation, where that exists.

“This programme is an investment in Scotland’s long-term future by ensuring that young people, no matter what their background or situation, have access to inspiring, potentially life changing creative experiences.

“Experiences that will build confidence, skills, and employability, whilst also nurturing our future musicians, artists and filmmakers.”

CashBack for Creativity is funded by the Scottish Government through the CashBack for Communities programme which redistributes the proceeds of crime to benefit young people.

Cabinet Secretary for Justice, Michael Matheson, said: “Today’s investment of £1.7 million in ‘CashBack for Creativity’ across 49 programmes, further demonstrates the Scottish Government’s commitment to tackling inequalities across Scotland and building a strong, fair and inclusive society.

“Thus far, our Investment in ’CashBack for Creativity’ has so far helped over 38,000 young people learn new skills, boost their confidence and reach their full potential in life.

“Since 2008, as well as committing £92 million to CashBack and other community initiatives, we have delivered nearly two million life-changing activities and opportunities for young people across Scotland.”

Today’s announcement includes 15 projects supported through CashBack for Creativity Targeted Funding running for up to three years, and 35 projects supported through CashBack for Creativity Open Project Funding administered by Youth Link Scotland that will run for up to 12 months.

Jim Sweeney MBE, CEO YouthLink Scotland, The National Agency for Youth Work, said: “The role of the arts in broadening young people’s horizons should never be underestimated.

“It is often through the power of creative experiences that young people realise there is a positive path in life and they can achieve their ambitions despite difficult circumstances they may face. CashBack is an investment in the next generation and a mark of a society that values all its young people.”

The funding was announced at a visit to Screen Education Edinburgh where the Justice Secretary met with local youngsters involved in a filmmaking project receiving £120,000 funding across three years.

James McKenzie, project manager at Screen Education Edinburgh, commented: “CashBack is without a doubt our most important programme, unlocking creativity, aspiration and attainment in young people whose economic circumstances would otherwise restrict their ability to develop and find their voice through the medium of film.

“They will tell their stories, learn how to use digital equipment and edit their films, but most importantly they will learn how to work as a team, how to take on others views and how to find creative solutions to setbacks; skills that will stand them in good stead for the road ahead.

“For those hit by the filmmaking bug, there will be further progression opportunities, onto our BFI Film Academy and A-Level courses, and leading to higher education and ultimately into a career in film.”

The announcement of the funding coincides with the publication of new research report which explores good practice in delivering creative projects to young people who are experiencing additional challenges or barriers to access.

It will act as an useful resource for future development of projects.


About CashBack for Creativity

CashBack for Creativity is funded by the Scottish Government through the CashBack for Communities programme which redistributes the proceeds of crime to benefit young people.

Creative Scotland has been a delivery partner of the project since its inception in 2008 and over 40,000 young people across the country have participated in the programme so far.

This phase of the programme runs until March 2020, and distributes £2.6m across two strands:

• £1.5m has been awarded to 15 projects, each receiving up to £120k, to support a three year programme of activity through the Targeted Fund.

• £250,000 has been awarded to 34 projects, each receiving up to £10k to deliver high quality arts activities for up to 12 months through Open Project Fund. This fund is administered by Youth Link Scotland and will have two further deadlines.

Funded projects


Targeted Project (up to three-years):

1. Eden Court CREATIVE (£120,000) in the Highlands and Moray will offer first-contact, multi-artform creative opportunities including filmmaking, theatre and electronic music workshops for disadvantaged young people from deprived areas or who are non-attenders at school or work, or at risk of exclusion or offending.

2. Findhorn Bay Arts (£119,625): In the Mix is a three-year project of creative activity for young people in Moray who are experiencing isolation, who are out of work or school, who are at risk of offending, and/or who live in rural pockets of deprivation. Led by professional, qualified creative practitioners, these young people will be supported through a series of workshops, one-to-ones, creative visits and a Creative Holiday Programme.

Open projects (up to 12 months):

3. Bauer Radio’s Cash for Kids Charities (£9,400): Multimedia courses for young people in Inverness covering radio, film, print, photography and digital skills. At the end of the course, each young person will have a ‘digital CV’ – an online webpage which showcases content they’ve created throughout the course.

4. Bodysurf Scotland (£8,010): A new dance and movement group in Moray offering free dance classes and performance opportunities to young people aged 16-24 with additional support needs.


Targeted projects (up to three-years):

5. Station House Media Unit (SHMU) (£120,000): Youth Media Project is a three-year programme that will provide creative opportunities for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in Aberdeen to participate in a diverse media programme covering four strands: Youth Radio Project, youthTV, Youth Magazine, shmuSOUND and citizen journalism.

6. Citymoves Dance Agency (£95,464): Project Strive is a three-year programme that will offer free weekly dance and art activities to young men living in areas of deprivation. The programme will be run in partnership with a range of partners – including Denis Law’s Streetsport, Aberdeen FC Community Trust and Twilight Basketball. Dance sessions will be themed around the skills of each of the sporting partners: extreme sports, football and basketball.

Open projects (up to 12 months):

7. North East Arts Touring (£5,500): A series of arts management workshops in Peterhead offering young promoters skills development in programming, promoting, marketing, Box Office and front-of-house roles.

8. Modo – Circus with Purpose (£4,600): This initiative will offer young people in Peterhead the chance to develop skills in music, theatre, circus, lighting design and propmaking, leading to performances at Encounter Youth Café.


Targeted project (up to three-years):

9. Hot Chocolate Trust (£116,491): Working with disadvantaged young people in Dundee, the Hot Chocolate Trust’s three-year project will offer young people opportunities to experience multi-disciplinary arts as both audience, makers and curators.

Open projects (up to 12 months):

10. Shaper/Caper (£10,000): ‘Powwow’ will offer workshops for young people in Douglas to develop digital and physical theatre skills. The project will work with award-winning games company, Guerrilla Tea, renowned for their work on the Genes in Space game for Cancer Research UK to offer workshops for young people at Factory Skatepark and Douglas Community Centre.

11. Arts and Communities Association (£9,224): Local young people will join with young people from Indian, Syrian, Muslim and Polish communities to research and create a largescale, mixed media artwork featuring quilting, weaving, printing, transfers, stencils, silk screen, embellishing and embroidery. The work will explore the contribution made by each culture to Dundee’s past and present and the final work will be presented in an exhibition.

12. The Artifact Dance Company (£2,320): Dance workshops for young people involved with the Dundee Women’s Aid service with the aim of encouraging creativity through movement and self-expression.


Open projects (up to 12 months):

13. Falkland Stewardship Trust (£10,000): A literacy programme offering young people opportunities to connect to their community through prose, poetry and song.

14. Suit and Pace (£6,350): Afterschool Story Club where young people will learn story telling skills. The young people will then develop their own stories through researching local history, local folktales, national traditional stories or stories from farther afield.

15. Heart and Sound (£9,960): A film, media and visual arts workshop session aimed at young people aged 16-24 who are struggling to find other young people to connect with due to autism, depression and anxiety. Activities will include learning how to make a film, storyboarding, voice over work and learning how to present to camera. These activities will result in a series of creative films focusing on young people’s views on mental health.


Open project (up to 12 months):

16. Doune and Deanston Youth Project (£6,597): Taster sessions introducing young people to different elements of filmmaking, and the practical skills required to create a short film. Participants will experience camera work, making story boards, editing, sound, acting and directing. The project will culminate in a celebratory screening.

Edinburgh and Lothians

Targeted project (up to three-years):

17. Screen Education Edinburgh (£120,000): A creative learning programme targeted at young people living in areas of multiple deprivation, aimed at developing filmmaking skills and film knowledge. Activities will include filmmaking, editing, storyboarding, film taster sessions and introductory film workshops.

18. Dance Base, National Centre for Dance (£119,079): Great Feats is a three-year combined dance programme that works with young people not in education, training or employment. Activities focus on dance, healthy eating and building up participant’s personal skills and confidence.

19. Firefly Arts Ltd (£116,000): PILOT is a three-year creative arts programme aimed at helping West Lothian’s most vulnerable young people to build confidence, skills, and aspiration. Working with local partners, professional artists, film and media specialists, participants will take part in quality and progressive youth arts projects, technical training, work placement opportunities, and tailored support for entry into further education and employment.

Open funded projects (up to 12 months):

20. Midlothian Libraries (£1,953): Reading workshops for young people to develop works of graphic fiction.

21. West Lothian Council (£10,000): Out of the Shadows will offer creative activities across a wide range of digital art forms including photography, design, filmmaking and animation.

22. Vision Mechanics (£5,700): Mixed media workshops for children and young people in East Lothian to design and build Dragon Scarers – large scale, colourful, scarecrow-like sculptures. The completed sculptures will be presented in an exhibition.

23. The BIG Project (£3,150): Weekly drama workshops for young people living in Broomhouse. The youth theatre group will work towards an end of year production to be performed to the local community. The young people will explore a range of drama and technical theatre skills. An intensive summer drama project will offer opportunities to further develop creative skills such as script writing, choreography, voice work, improvisation, stage design and construction.


Targeted project (up to three-years):

24. Glasgow East Arts Company – Platform (£100,000): pARTicipation is a three-year arts programme for young people from Easterhouse to learn new skills in film, music, performance and visual arts. The holiday programme will involve artists supported by youth providers and tutors from Glasgow Kelvin College who will work together to coproduce new work which will be shared at showcase events as part of cultural events programme at Platform.

25. MCR Pathways (£82,345): Young Glasgow Talent Taster Culture Programme is a three-year programme that will offer care experienced and other disadvantaged young people in Glasgow the opportunity to take part in cultural activities. Delivered in partnership with Glasgow Life, a range of National Performing Companies and local creative organisations, the two-year creative programme has three distinct streams: creative participation, active attendance, skills and employment.

26. Quarriers (£42,793): Oh Yellow is a three-year programme that will provide access to quality music making experiences for vulnerable young people in Glasgow. The workshops will involve facilitated practise, access to specialist tutors, and professional studio time. Using music as a catalyst, the project will provide young people with the tools they need to express themselves, manage their behaviour, and maintain good mental health. Additionally, through links with the music industry and further education, the project will provide qualifications and meaningful progression opportunities for participants.

Glasgow (north-east)

Open projects (up to 12 months):

27. Glasgow Music Studios Ltd (£5,140): a new ‘urban music hub’ will offer young people in INSERT opportunities to learn DJ, beat boxing, rapping and digital music production skills.

28. Impact Arts (Projects) Ltd (£9,982): Arts Means Mer Tae Me will offer young people in Easterhouse the opportunity to take part in drama workshops where they will gain skills in creative and theatrical performance.

29. PEEK – Possibilities for Each and Every Kid (£10,000): PEEK will provide theatre workshops where young people will learn new skills using spoken word and physical theatre to create storylines, characters and scenes. There will also be the opportunity to create short films, animations and music as well as gaining experience in production design-creating sets, props, costume and design lighting. The project will culminate in a staged performance.

30. Glasgow Media Access Centre – GMAC Film (£10,000): Filmmaking workshops where young people can develop creative and technical filmmaking skills including storytelling, camera, sound and editing. The resulting films will be screened at the Arts in The City Open Day in October 2017.

31. Parkhead Youth Project (£10,000): Taster Workshops in theatre and movement, creative writing, digital sound and lighting techniques, set installation and costume design, multimedia and filmmaking, as well as graphic design and events organising.

Glasgow (north-west)

Open projects (up to 12 months):

32. Kingsway Court Health & Wellbeing Centre (£4,050): Activities will include a music club offering musical production and recording sessions developing skills with musical instruments, writing music and lyrics, musical arrangements, sound recording, editing and mixing.

33. Queens Cross Housing Association (£6,394): A filmmaking project offering practical and digital skills to local young people. Participants will devise, write, direct and edit their own films. They will be responsible for the creation of all props and costumes and will be involved in scouting locations and building scenery. The young people will also learn how to create sound effects, edit video, choose soundtracks and use a range of digital editing software.

34. A&M Scotland (£9,920): A community based dance programme of weekly dance sessions culminating in a dance show where all participants will have the opportunity to display the skills they have learned.

Glasgow (south)

Open projects (up to 12 months):

35. Youth Community Support Agency (£7,800): Workshops for BME women. Participants will explore issues and concerns of importance to each individual using a variety of broadcast media. Workshops will include photography, creative writing, animation, drawing and/or storytelling.

36. The Village Storytelling Centre (£5,370): Young people in Pollock will work with a storyteller and musician to write their own songs and create their own instruments from found objects. The sessions will result in a performance, and a photo story book through working with a professional photographer.

37. Sunny Govan Community Media (£10,000): Activities will include radio production, script writing, researching, and editing skills to create a series of radio dramas to be broadcast as part of the Sunny G Community Radio schedule.

38. Indepen-dance (Scotland) Ltd. (£8,040): I connect with U will offer inclusive dance workshops for young people from schools in Govanhill, and the Calton, and young disabled people from Assisted Support Needs Units and Assisted Support Needs Schools.


Open projects (up to 12 months):

39. Loud n Proud (£9,500.00): Young people in Paisley will produce a musical reflecting on the history of a small but significant local bar called The Bungalow, that has welcomed the most influential bands and musicians to its doors. Activities include acting, singing, dancing and backstage experience.

40. Erskine Music and Media Studio (£7,200): Erskine Music and Media Studio will deliver a creative learning programme for young people who are at risk of exclusion from school and those who are unemployed and out with education programmes. Young people will gain valuable skills in filmmaking and visual media creating a series of short films.

East Renfrewshire

Open projects (up to 12 months):

41. Articulate Cultural Trust (£9,100): Workshops for care experienced young people where they will co-design three projects with teaching artists: an online workshop where digital creativity concepts will be explored through coding, programming and mapping; an exploration of contemporary music-making and connections to the world of popular music creation and production; a devised autobiographical theatre.

Glasgow, Fife, Inverclyde, West Lothian

Targeted project (up to three-years):

42. Youth Theatre Arts Scotland (£120,000): New Territory is a project delivered in partnership with Toonspeak Young People’s Theatre and Ignite Theatre. Activities include new weekly drama sessions, summer projects and training for young leaders in targeted multiple deprivation areas of Glasgow, Inverclyde, Fife and West Lothian.

North Lanarkshire

Targeted project (up to three-years):

43. Reeltime Music (£66,823.20): Stepping Stone is a weekly youth music group and a college access course for disadvantaged young people in North Lanarkshire running for three years.

Open projects (up to 12 months):

44. Wishaw Academy Primary School (£5,150): Filmmaking clubs where young people and parents/ carers will animate Lego and gain filmmaking skills that would provide them with scriptwriting, acting, directing and film editing to create a film.

North Ayrshire

Targeted project (up to three-years):

45. YDance (Scottish Youth Dance) – (£107,700): Take the Lead is a three-year project which works with young people in North Ayrshire and HMYOI Polmont. Using dance, the programme aims to increase ambition and aspiration by building young peoples’ confidence and capacity, health and wellbeing, and developing the behavioural, social and emotional skills they need to engage and progress into further learning and employability. As part of their involvement, young people will also work towards a recognised accreditation.

Open projects (up to 12 months):

46. The Zone Initiative Limited (£7,155): Activities include a musical theatre programme of drama workshops, script development, dance, singing, staging and costumes resulting in an end production of the classic cult musical, Fame.

Open projects (up to 12 months):

47. Pennyburn Regeneration Youth Development Enterprise (PRYDE) (£3,718): Workshops for young people to develop skills to write and produce their own music.

Dumfries & Galloway

Targeted project (up to three-years):

48. Oasis Events Team (£102,548): Urban Arts two-year programme of creative arts, writing and music workshops for young people in three communities identified as having high levels of deprivation within Dumfries and Galloway: Stranraer, Kelloholm and Annan. The programme will develop to become peer led in year two as the programme will be co-facilitated by young people who were involved in the project during year one. The project aims to engage young people considered ‘at risk’ in a skills development programme that will be exhibited within their local area.


Open project (up to 12 months):

49. Alchemy Film & Arts (£9,590): A programme of activities, including an Introductory Filmmaking Workshop Series; a Young Persons Critic and Curator Club; Creative Industry Workshops; Moving Image Artist Talks; Film Festival Guided Day Trips; Kinaesthetic and Interactive Primary School Workshops.


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