Media release: Climate Change documentary wins at FilmG Awards


A FILM highlighting the effects of climate change on the Scottish islands has picked up the Film Dùthchais (Community) award at this year’s prestigious Gaelic Short Film Competition (FilmG) ceremony in Glasgow.

AN DRÀSTA! (RIGHT NOW!), made by Urras Oighreachd Ghabhsainn (Galson Estate Trust) on the Isle
of Lewis, features young people from across the Western Isles who have been involved in the recent Climate Strikes.

The film focuses on the effect that climate change will have on their own communities, and other communities across the world, and encourages people to get involved in Climate Change activism to make a difference.

Liam Crouse from Uist, who featured in the film, said: “The Western Isles are among the first areas in Scotland that will be affected by the steadily worsening conditions which climate change, and sea-level rise, will bring. Areas such as Am Bràigh in Lewis and Cille Pheadair in South Uist are extremely vulnerable to the more severe and more frequent extreme weather. AN-DRÀSTA helped to highlight this
existential threat to politicians, islanders and the wider public.”

Urras Oighreachd Ghabhsainn, a community owned estate in the north west of Lewis, receives £1,000 to spend on equipment.

Louise Senior from Urras Oighreachd Ghabhsainn, said: “The young people who volunteered their time and energy to make the film showed such passion and we are so pleased to see their dedication recognised with an award. The whole process has been a real team effort so we will have to sit down and decide together how best to use the prize money.”

This year’s hotly contested People’s Choice award went to Staffin Primary School in Skye, who mounted a robust social media campaign to garner an impressive 1210 votes to come out on top. Their tongue-in-cheek tourism infomercial, Fàilte don Eilean, takes a practical but entertaining approach to advising tourists on how to behave when visiting the island.

Presenting the award was the Minister for Public Finance and Digital Economy, Kate
Forbes MSP, who said: “It was great to attend the FilmG awards, an evening which showcased the great wealth of talent out there and which celebrates Gaelic storytelling and media skills. It was my pleasure to present the People’s Choice award to Staffin Primary School for their highly entertaining and original take on tourist advice.”

FilmG is run by MG ALBA and Skye-based media company Cànan Graphics Studio, to encourage the growth of Gaelic media talent. It has been running for 12 years, and has been the platform for many people now working within the Gaelic TV and film industry.

Cànan Graphics Studio business development manager, Garry Noakes, said: “The judges were handed an unenviable task in choosing the winners from such a strong field of entries. Congratulations and kudos to all who took part in the film making process and have contributed to making FilmG 12 such a big success.”

Murdo MacSween, communications manager for MG ALBA, said: “FilmG is hugely influential, with films covering important topics but also injecting some fun into the process of how to create Gaelic content. The awards this year were fantastic in celebrating what the future of Gaelic media has to offer and I’m looking forward to seeing more and more from everyone who took part.”

Meabh NicChoinnich from South Uist, who stars in the film, was also shortlisted in the Best Performance category, but on the night the £200 prize went to joint winners, Euan MacDonald and Lachlan Peel, both from Edinburgh, for their performance in Lachlan’s film, Àrdan is Aineaolas: Soidhnichean. Lachlan, a winner in last year’s competition, was also nominated in the Best Film and Best Student Film categories for his film, which takes a light hearted look at why the general public seem to get so upset by Gaelic signage.

The title of Best Film went to Shannon NicIlleathain of Tobermory, who scooped the £1,000 prize with her delightful documentary, Seònaid, which looks at the life of Janet MacDonald, who has spent her life supporting the Gaelic language on Mull. Shannon had also received a nomination in the Film Dùthchais as Fheàrr category.

Best Student Film, and the £1000 prize, was won by Joseph Flower of Dunbar for his film Sgiùradh, based on the traditional folk tale of the washer woman, but with a twist. Joseph himself doesn’t speak Gaelic, but his sister Izzy does, and she was nominated in the Best Performance category for her role in the film.

The Best Industry Director award went to Hamish MacLeòid of Glasgow for his spectacular climbing documentary, Aig an Oir, filmed on a rocky Ayrshire crag, the use of drone footage brilliantly showing the scale of the climb. Hamish’s film was also nominated in the Best Film category, but his Best Industry Director prize sees him win £2,500 to spend on equipment.

Winning a television production placement in the Highlands through HIE is Mara Drysdale of Lochcarron, after picking up the award for Most Promising Director. Her documentary Gualainn ri Gualainn traces the history of the Lochcarron shinty team and its importance within the community.

Best Mobile Short was won by last year’s winner of the same award, Eilidh NicIain from Dingwall, for her psychologically disturbing film Smuaintean an Diabhail, in which we see a young woman journey from sane to psychotic over the course of the film. Eilidh was also nominated for Best Performance for her own role in the film, and wins a placement on BBC’s The Social as her prize.

The only film to pick up two awards in this year’s competition featured in the Youth category and was made by Anndra Cuimeanach of Gairloch. Siùbhal gu Sear sees Anndra travel the breadth of Scotland on two wheels within a day, and was the recipient of Best Documentary and the Gaelic Award for Fluent Speakers.

This year’s award for Best Film in the Youth category was picked up by Culloden Academy in Inverness, for their surreal comedy, Eilean nam Muc, following one farmer’s attempts to produce a more humane black pudding.

Ardnamurchan High School in Acharacle, were the recipients of two awards for their two films in this year’s competition. The school received four nominations in total, but were the very worthy recipients of the FilmG International Representative award for their film Reòite, and the Gaelic Award for Learners for their film An Cuach, na h-Iuchraichean agus an Dron.

This year’s Best Young Filmmaker was Alice Gordon of Glasgow, with her cleverly made film An Losgann agus An Sgairp, which takes viewers on a thought-provoking journey into the darker side of vlogging. Alice was also nominated for Best Performance for her part in Sgoil Ghàidhlig Ghlaschu’s (Glasgow Gaelic School)’s film Ar Solas.

And fellow Sgoil Ghàidhlig Ghlaschu (Glasgow Gaelic School) pupil, Conor Galbraith, picked up the award for Best Performance for his entertaining portrayal of Detective John Reid in the school’s who-dun-nit police drama, Fo Chasaid Muirt.

The award for Best Production was won by Plockton High School in Wester Ross for their high crime drama, An Corp, which sees murder and suspicion on the west coast.

Isle of Lewis school, Sgoil an Rubha’s film Cuairt Cuimhne took home the award for Best Youth Group Film for their heartfelt story of how we can learn and support each other across the generations.

A programme with highlights of the FilmG 2020 awards ceremony at The Old Fruitmarket in Glasgow airs on BBC Alba on Friday, February 21st at 9pm.


THA daoine òga às iomadh ceàrnaidh de na h-Eileanan an Iar a bha an sàs anns na Stailcean Gnàth-shìde a’ nochdadh anns an fhilm AN-DRÀSTA! le Urras Oighreachd Ghabhsainn.

Tha am film stèidhichte air a’ bhuaidh a bheir atharrachadh na gnàth-shìde air na coimhearsnachdan aca fhèin agus air coimhearsnachdan eile air feadh an t-saoghail agus a’ brosnachadh dhaoine a thighinn an sàs ann an iomairtean Atharrachadh na Gnàth-shìde.

Bha Liam Crouse à Uibhist an sàs anns an fhilm. Thuirt Liam: “Tha na h-Eileanan an Iar mar aon de na ciad àiteachan an Alba air an toir atharrachadh sa ghnàth-shìde agus èirigh àirde na mara buaidh. Tha àiteachan leithid Am Bràighe ann an Leòdhas agus Cille Pheadair ann an Uibhist a Deas ann am fìor chunnart ri linn sìde nas gàbhaidh a thig nas trice. Bha AN-DRÀSTA na chuideachadh airson an cunnart seo a shealltainn do luchd-poilitigs, muinntir nan eileanan agus a’ mhòr-shluagh.”

Mar dhuais, gheibh Urras Oighreachd Ghabhsainn – oighreachd ann an taobh an iar-thuath Leòdhais a bhuineas don choimhearsnachd, £1,000 airson a chosg air uidheam film.

Thuirt Louise Senior aig Urras Oighreachd Ghabhsainn: “Tha na daoine òga a chosg an cuid ùine is neart air an fhilm nan adhbhar brosnachaidh dhuinn uile agus tha sinn fhèin cho toilichte gu bheilear ag aithneachadh an cuid dìchill leis an duais seo. ’S e obair sgioba a bh’ ann, mar sin, feumaidh sinn a thighinn cruinn còmhla feuch ciamar a chuireas sinn an t-airgead a bhuannaich sinn gu feum dhuinn uile.”

’S i Bun-sgoil Stafainn anns an Eilean Sgitheanach a choisinn duais Roghainn an t-Sluaigh ann an co-fharpais theann am-bliadhna. Bha iad air iomairt mhòr air-loidhne a chur an sàs às an d’ fhuair iad 1200 bhòt. Tha an sanas turasachd èibhinn aca, Fàilte don Eilean, a’ toirt seachad comhairle phrataigeach do luchd-turais air mar bu chòir dhaibh an giùlan fhèin nuair a thig iad don eilean.

Thuirt Ceit Fhoirbeis, BPA, a tha na Ministear an Ionmhais Phoblaich agus na h-Eaconamaidh Didseataich, an dèidh dhi an duais a thoirt seachad: “Chòrd duaisean FilmG rium gu mòr air oidhche anns an deach beairteas de thàlant Gàidhlig agus sgilean sgrìobhaidh is film na Gàidhlig a thaisbeanadh. Bha e na adhbhar toileachais dhomh Duais Roghainn an t-Sluaigh a thoirt seachad do Bhun-sgoil Stafainn airson sealladh ùr èibhinn de chomhairle thurasachd a shealltainn dhuinn.”

Tha FilmG air a lìbhrigeadh le MG ALBA agus leis a’ chompanaidh mheadhanan Cànan Graphics Studio, a tha stèidhichte san Eilean Sgitheanach, airson tàlant anns na meadhanan Gàidhlig a bhrosnachadh. Tha FilmG na bhun-stèidh do dh’iomadh duine ann an saoghal film is telebhisein Gàidhlig bhon a chaidh a chur air chois o chionn 12 bhliadhna.

Thuirt am Manaidsear Leasachadh Gnìomhachais aig Cànan Graphics Studio, Garry Noakes: “Bha dùbhlan ro na britheamhan airson nan filmichean a bhuannaich a thaghadh. Meal a naidheachd air a h-uile duine a ghabh pàirt anns na filmichean agus a dh’fhàg FilmG cho soirbheachail.”

Thuirt Murchadh MacSuain, a tha na Mhanaidsear Conaltraidh aig MG ALBA: “Tha buaidh FilmG air a dhol am meud agus filmichean ann air cùisean cudromach ach tha spòrs is dibhearsan rim faicinn an lùib cruthachadh na susbaint Gàidhlig cuideachd. Bha cuirm na bliadhna-sa math dha-rìribh is sinn a’ taisbeanadh na tha romhainn anns na meadhanan Gàidhlig agus tha fadachd orm fhìn ri tuilleadh fhaicinn bhon a h-uile duine a bha an sàs ann.”

Choisinn Meabh NicCoinnich à Uibhist, a tha a’ nochdadh anns an fhilm, àite air geàrr-liosta Cleasaiche As Fheàrr cuideachd ach ‘s iad Euan MacDhòmhnaill agus Lachlan Peel à Dùn Èideann a ghlèidh an duais luach £200 le chèile leis an fhilm le Lachlan, Àrdan is Aineolas: Soidhnichean. Bha Lachlan, a bhuannaich duais an-uiridh, air ainmeachadh anns na roinnean Film as Fheàrr agus Film Oileanach as Fheàrr leis an fhilm, a thug sùil èibhinn air na dh’fhàgas cuid a dhaoine feargach mu shoidhnichean Gàidhlig.

’S i Shannon NicIllEathain à Tobar Mhoire a ghlèidh Film as Fheàrr agus duais luach £1,000 leis an fhilm aithriseach, Seònaid, a tha a’ toirt sùil air beatha Sheònaid NicDhòmhnaill a th’ air a beatha a chur seachad a’ brosnachadh na Gàidhlig ann am Muile. Bha Shannon air a h-ainmeachadh anns an roinn Film Dùthchais as Fheàrr cuideachd.

Chaidh an duais Film Oileanach as Fheàrr agus £1000 a bhuannachadh le Joseph Flower à Dùn Bàrr leis an fhilm, Sgiùradh, a tha stèidhichte air sgeul traidiseanta mu bhean-nighe ach tha car san sgeul. Chan eil a’ Ghàidhlig aig Joseph fhathast ach tha Gàidhlig gu leòr aig a phiuthar, Izzy, a chaidh ainmeachadh air a’ gheàrr-liosta airson a cuid cleasachd san fhilm.

’S e Hamish MacLeòid à Glaschu a choisinn an duais Stiùiriche as Fheàrr sa Ghnìomhachas leis an fhilm aithriseach àibheiseach, Aig an Oir, a chaidh fhilmeadh air creag ann an Siorrachd Àir agus anns an deach àirde na creige a chlàradh le dròn. Bha Hamish air ainmeachadh anns an roinn Film as fheàrr cuideachd agus bidh an duais Stiùiriche as Fheàrr sa Ghnìomhachas a’ leigeil leis £2,500 a chosg air
uidheam film.

Tha Mara Drysdale à Loch Carran air greis-obrach air pròiseact telebhisein tro HIE a bhuannachadh an dèidh dhi an duais Stiùiriche Ùr as Fheàrr a ghleidheadh. Tha am film aithriseach aice, Gualainn ri Gualainn, a’ toirt sùil air eachdraidh sgioba iomain Loch Carran agus cho cudromach ‘s a tha e don choimhearsnachd.

’S i Eilidh NicIain à Inbhir Pheofharain a bhuannaich Film Fòn-làimh as Fheàrr, an dèidh dhi an aon duais a bhuannachadh an-uiridh, an turas seo le Smuaintean an Diabhail, anns am faic sinn boireannach òg air slighe eadar ciall is mì-chiall. Chaidh Eilidh ainmeachadh air geàrr-liosta Cluiche as Fheàrr leis an fhilm seo cuideachd agus tha i air greis-obrach le BBC The Social a bhuannachadh mar dhuais.

’S e Siubhal Gu Sear le Anndra Cuimeanach à Geàrrloch an aon fhilm am-bliadhna a choisinn dà dhuais, Film Aithriseach as Fheàrr agus Duais Ghàidhlig nam Fileantach. Anns an fhilm, chì sinn Anndra a’ siubhal air feadh na h-Alba ann an aon latha air dà roth.

Chaidh Film as Fheàrr an Roinn na h-Òigridh a bhuileachadh air Acadamaidh Chùil Lodair an Inbhir Nis airson an fhilm èibhinn aca, Eilean nam Muc, anns a bheil tuathanach a’ feuchainn ri marag dhubh nas bàidheile a thoirt gu buil.

Choisinn Àrd-sgoil Àird nam Murchan ann an Àth Tharracail dà dhuais airson an dà fhilm aca am-bliadhna. Chaidh an sgoil ainmeachadh ceithir tursan uile gu lèir agus nach iad a bha airidh air an duais Riochdachadh Eadar-nàiseanta FilmG airson Reòite agus Duais Ghàidhlig an Luchd-ionnsachaidh airson An Cuach, na h-Iuchraichean agus an Dron.

’S i Alice Ghòrdan à Glaschu a choisinn an duais Filmeadair Òg as Fheàrr leis an fhilm inntinneach aice, An Losgann agus An Sgairp, a tha a’ toirt an luchd-amhairc air turas don taobh dhorcha de saoghal nam blogaichean. Chaidh Alice ainmeachadh air geàrr-liosta Cluiche as Fheàrr cuideachd airson a cuid cleasachd san fhilm le Sgoil Ghàidhlig Ghlaschu, Ar Solas.

Agus ’s e sgoilear eile aig Sgoil Ghàidhlig Ghlaschu, Conor Galbraith, a choisinn an duais Cluiche as Fheàrr mar Detective John Reid anns an dràma poilis, Fo Chasaid Muirt.

Chaidh an duais Riochdachadh as Fheàrr a bhuileachadh air Àrd-sgoil a’ Phluic ann an Siorrachd Rois airson an dràma eucoir aca, An Corp, anns a bheil murt is amharas air an taobh siar.

Ghlèidh Sgoil an Rubha ann an Eilean Leòdhais an duais airson Film as Fheàrr le Buidheann Òigridh le Cuairt Cuimhne anns a bheil sgeul cridheil mu na dòighean as urrainn dhuinn ionnsachadh is taic a chumail ri càch a chèile thar nan ginealaichean.

Thèid prògram cuirm duaisean FilmG aig The Old Fruitmarket ann an Glaschu a chraoladh air BBC ALBA, Dihaoine, 21 An Gearran, aig 9.00f.


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