Media release: The self-service kiosk that could save your life


TELEHEALTH Solutions has launched its Occupational Health Pod, an automated device that allows users to measure blood pressure, BMI and communicate with a clinician about their health – without leaving the office.

Said a spokesperson: “The OHPod is a touchscreen device placed in an area of the office where it can be used in private, employees are invited to take medical measurements and answer questionnaires that assess them for depression, anxiety or other work-related ill-health, such as heavy-lifting accidents or repetitive strain injury.

“Some of those who require healthcare most – as a result of their stressful or time-consuming job – are the least likely to visit a GP because of their long working hours.

“The device can send results directly to GP and can arrange for a further consultation with a health professional.”

Director of Telehealth Solutions, David Cummin, said: “It’s ideal. Simply put, it achieves exactly what you need an occupational health screening programme to do – ensure confidentiality, convenience and the feeling of total privacy.

“Employees feel they can be more open and honest about their problems because the data is sent electronically and securely.

“Health is a serious issue in the workplace, and employees can be afraid to speak up for fear of appearing overworked or unable to cope. With Telehealth, they can.”

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Contact: Lee Simpson