Media release: Bonk & Co helps keep the home fires burning

AS Britain shivers under a blanket of snow, those with woodburning stoves are relaxing by their stunning additions safe in the knowledge their homes will remain toasty despite the plummeting temperatures.

Says a spokesperson: “Woodburning stoves are enjoying something of a revival in the country over the past few years, and leading that revival in Scotland is respected dealer, Bonk & Co.

“Preparing to open its first shop in Edinburgh’s Abbeyhill, Bonk is a family firm committed to selling medium to high-end stoves from some of the top international manufacturers.”

Alex Dolby, general manager of the Abbeyhill store, is the grandson of the company’s founder, William Dolby, and son of managing director, Andrew.

Alex explained one of the main benefits of having a wood burning stove installed is that they are far more efficient than conventional open fires.

Alex said: “Burning wood on an open fire achieves an efficiency of less than 20 per cent, whereas a modern efficient stove, burning the same type of wood, can achieve efficiency levels of over 75 per cent.

“Basically, that means that people with wood burning stoves get much more heat from much less fuel.

“Many modern stoves also have ‘cleanburn’ systems that burn and generate heat from the gases given off by the burning wood, that would otherwise have escaped, unburnt, up the chimney.

“This is not only partly responsible for the great efficiency of stoves, but also results in fewer emissions and less soot.”

Whilst good wood burning stoves are not cheap, Bonk & Co has a range of stoves to suit all budgets and properties, from stunning contemporary models from the likes of Harrie Leenders to the more traditional stoves from Clearview and Charnwood.

However, Alex said it is not uncommon for traditional properties to feature contemporary stoves and vice versa. People are, it seems, very keen to experiment by merging old with new to find their own unique style niche.

Alex went on: “We have noticed, as have others in the business, that heating the home, and also cooking, with wood is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to gas, oil and electricity. Despite the recession, woodburning stove suppliers have experienced rising levels of demand from home owners seeking to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels, their bills and their carbon emissions.

“Having been brought up with woodburning stoves, and working with them every day, I am more than aware of the difference they can make to a home, particularly in sub-zero temperatures.

“Woodburning stoves give you the sought after ‘homely’ feeling that a conventional open fire does but with less mess and more efficiency.”

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