Media release: Enterprise Fellowship winner makes a breakthrough medical discovery

A BUSINESS graduate from the University of Edinburgh has made a medical discovery that could save millions of lives around the world.

Says a spokesperson: “For this, he was granted a prestigious Enterprise Fellowship from the Royal Society of Edinburgh and Scottish Enterprise to develop his pioneering project.

“Spyridon ‘Ross’ Tsakas has created and patented a method of prolonging the lifespan of drugs so they can be stored without refrigeration, for years instead of days without losing any of their effectiveness or potency.

“The single vial system works by preserving medicines such as antibiotics, vaccines, insulin and others in a dry powder form inside a specially attached cap fitted to a small bottle of buffer solution.

“When the cap is depressed the powder is mixed with the solution and the medicine becomes immediately active. This is an important revelation for all liquid medicines sold today which not only have short shelf lives but also require refrigeration from production until consumption.”

The 25 year-old Greek-American, who graduated with a Master’s degree in International Business and Emerging Markets from the University of Edinburgh Business School in 2010, has been awarded the Enterprise Fellowship funded by Scottish Enterprise and the Royal Society of Edinburgh to aid him in the development of his medical device.

The spokesperson added: “The aim of the programme is to increase the commercialisation of Scottish academic research; raise understanding of commercialisation in Scottish universities and research institutes; and also to create sustainable companies with high-value jobs.

“The Fellowship offers a year’s salary to Spyridon to develop his company, Eulysis Ltd. Through it he will also receive practical business training, as well as access to a network of mentors, business experts and professional advisors.

“Spyridon believes Scotland to be the best location for developing his company due to its heavy investment in life sciences. He aims to use the support offered by the Fellowship to secure a contract that will develop the single vial system in Scotland and license it for use around the world.

“This single vial system, designed by him and his father, retired Genetics Professor Spyridon Christos Tsakas, provides a unique way of storing enzymes until they are made active by the user.”


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