Media Release: ThinJack launches specialist consultancy service


WESTHILL-based ThinJack has extended its range of engineering services to include specialist consultancy for the oil and gas industry.

ThinJack is headed by Guy Bromby and Alastair MacDonald and is based at Arnhall Business Park, Westhill, Aberdeenshire, Scotland where the company has a base staff of five people for operations in the North Sea and Europe.

ThinJack services international projects from additional bases in Melbourne in Australia, Al Khobar in Saudi Arabia and Luling, Louisiana, in the US Gulf of Mexico, and has recently completed major service operations offshore Angola.

The new consultancy service provides expert field technicians to evaluate the difficulty of and best solutions for separating seized flanges and components, thereby proactively saving customers significant time and costs.

ThinJack’s field technicians are trained to examine the seized flanges and to accurately identify the measurements of the flanges and ThinJacks required to ensure a 100 per cent success rate.

Customers can contract for a full support service covering a physical survey of one or several of the many flanges on wellheads or Christmas trees, pre-estimating the forces required to separate them and, subsequently, performing at short notice the well flange separation.

Alastair MacDonald, of ThinJack, says: “Many operators are finding that, during scheduled maintenance programmes, as well as emergencies, they are faced with flanges on wellheads, bonnets, pipes and heat exchangers that are so badly corroded that it takes many hours trying to get them apart relying on traditional methods which have inherent dangers to their workforce.

“This often results in significant costs of downtime and delayed  production.“

“In today’s need for economic efficiency, reliability and reduction of downtime, it is advantageous that flange separation tasks are achieved with minimum delay.

“Based on a prior detailed physical inspection, the ThinJack service includes comparison of the flanges to be separated with objective data from our international flange separation experiences and produces an estimated time to separate each flange with a calculated separation force which can be applied by the ThinJacks.

“The cost of unscheduled maintenance and repair, or delayed workover progress – particularly for producing wellhead equipment – is expensive so it is cost-effective that any workover plans which include flange separation are assessed as accurately as possible before being implemented.“

He continues: “Calling in the ThinJack team at an early stage of the workover planning process will significantly reduce risk, time and cost as ThinJack operations are typically accomplished in just 25 per cent of the average time of traditional methods, with a 75 per cent reduction in delayed production revenues. This is together with an infinite improvement in safety and reduced likelihood of damage to key well and drilling equipment.

“We have distilled years of knowledge and experience gained worldwide from delivering ThinJack solutions to flange separation challenges into our consulting service.

“The new service proactively advises clients in advance of those flanges which may cause them costly flange separation problems during servicing and workovers, and recommends fast and cost-effective solutions to the problems.

“Contracting in this service in advance of conducting maintenance workover plans, has already resulted in significant cost and time savings for a growing list of major international operators.“

For further information, visit or call (01224) 330645.

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