Media Release: Thompsons support families as inquiry begins

Thompsons Solicitors

THE families and victims infected with Hepatitis C and HIV from NHS transfusions took the rare step of reading out a statement immediately prior to the start of the Penrose Inquiry into the subject.

Begins a spokesperson: “Their solicitor, Patrick McGuire of Thompsons Solicitors, said that the victims totally respected Lord Penrose’s decision not to hear opening statements and to go straight into hearing evidence from witnesses.

“However, McGuire said those affected by what they described as ‘a disaster’ wanted to mark the occasion by explaining their perspective on the proceedings.”

Mr McGuire’s statement read:

“HIV and Hepatitis C have had a devastating effect on the lives of the victims. They have experienced social stigma, financial hardship and their infection has impacted heavily on the lives of their families.”

The victims’ approach to the proceedings can be summed up in a direct quote from one of those affected, and who will be taking part in the Inquiry.

“Everyone’s lives, whether patients or families, have been seriously blighted by the disaster. By signing up as core participants patients and families are committed to helping the Inquiry get to the bottom of what happened and the effect it has had upon them.”


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