Media Release: SCC predicts pivotal phase in Windows 7 migration


SCC has highlighted the fact that the IT industry is entering a make or break period for organisations considering the upgrade to Windows 7.

Says a spokesperson: “SCC’s view is that the next two years represent a critical stage in the evolution of the corporate desktop. With the security, efficiency and environmental benefits of Windows 7 well established, a range of compelling factors are set to see uptake of the updated operating system peak over the coming months.”

Said Rhys Sharp, SCC’s chief technology officer: “There isn’t one big reason why the next two years will be a pivotal point in the migration to Windows 7, but there are a lot of small ones that when combined will deliver the final push towards industry’s wholesale adoption of the system. Everything from the need for greater security and environmental performance through to user demands to work with the technologies they use at home will contribute to that.

“SCC has seen an upsurge in demand for Windows 7 deployments, and that with Microsoft scheduled to begin withdrawing support for the XP platform in 2014, interest in migration is approaching its peak. With user concerns over application compatibility addressed and improvements in security, environmental impact and ease of management proven after a year in the wild, SCC believes that organisations will begin to significantly ramp up their upgrade plans over the next 12 months.”

SCC also believes that the consumerisation of IT, which is increasingly seeing workers able to walk into their work environments with devices capable of bypassing their organisation’s IT controls could have a serious impact on security.

About SCC

SCC is considered Europe’s largest independent technology solutions provider around the infrastructure, and is part of Specialist Computer Holdings (SCH) plc. The group has regional operations in five different countries, employs over 7,000 professional staff and has delivered sustained, profitable growth for some 35 years, with annual turnover exceeding £2.25 billion.

Long-term partnerships with the world’s leading solutions providers combine with SCC’s services capabilities to create a rapid return on an investment in IT. It has an enviable track record of successfully helping European-based companies and government organisations better manage their technology infrastructure, remove cost and create business advantage.

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