Media Release: Meerkat mum – Kate and Wills


BOSSES at St Andrews Aquarium are gearing up for one of the busiest weekends of the year, as Mother’s Day fever looks set to sweep across Scotland.

But, this year, visitors to the Aquarium, who have been delighted by their latest arrivals, meerkats Kate and Wills, will be in for a true Mother’s Day treat when they discover that Kate and Wills have recently become parents!

Kate and Wills arrived at the Aquarium earlier this year and, while St Andrews was adjusting to being at the epicentre of the world’s media spotlight on all things Royal and wedding-related, they’ve both been settling in to their new home.

However, on the evening of 2nd March, staff at the Aquarium noticed there was quite a kerfuffle unfolding in the meerkat enclosure and, upon further inspection, discovered that Kate had, indeed, given birth to her first baby meerkat.

John Mace, manager of St Andrews Aquarium, commented: “We are absolutely over the moon that Kate and Wills are now parents.

“The meerkats were due to be seen by the vet that very week as we suspected that Kate was getting slightly chubby and could possibly be expecting, we certainly didn’t expect such a sudden arrival!”

The baby, which was about the size of a chipolata sausage when it was first born, has coped well in its new surroundings and can now be seen making its way out into the main enclosure with mum, Kate, on a daily basis.

“We decided to call the dominant meerkats Kate and Wills in honour of this year’s Royal Wedding and because the couple met in St Andrews.

“The famous duo have already proven to be a big hit with visitors but with the arrival of this latest furry bundle of joy we’re certainly expecting the crowds to be flocking in to say hello to the whole family.

“Our only challenge now is to come up with a suitable name for him – we’re open to suggestions for what is deemed appropriate for the first-born heir!”

‘Kate, Wills and baby’ are joined in their African enclosure by a third meerkat who is currently waiting on the schoolchildren of Fife to name him in a competition.

The Aquarium, has recently undergone significant developments and boasts a number of new exhibits which include Kate and Wills’ meerkat enclosure, a shark pool and some of the world’s most dangerous aquatic creatures.

Members of the public can find out more about Kate, Wills and the baby meerkat on the Aquarium’s facebook page at:

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