Media Release: ‘Seven Songs for Amy’ joined by best of Scotland’s comedy talent


OE of Scotland’s best-loved comedians and twice BAFTA winner, Ford Kiernan (Still Game, Chewin’ the Fat, Gangs of New York), joins the team at Sonny and Skye productions in their upcoming feature film, ‘Seven Songs for Amy’.

Ford is working with the production team, bringing his creative and notorious style to the screen. He will also play the role of ‘Sled the Drummer’ in this comedy drama which portrays the sharp, dark humour shared by the Scots and Irish.

Ford believes that humour is more important than ever during uncertain times.

He said: “I am very excited about this film. I love the script as it is a realistic and funny account of love sought and lost with strong Celtic wit that reinforces the Scottish/Irish connection. It’s an uplifting story and our main aim is to entertain and to make people laugh.”

Due to commence filming on the west coast of Ireland in August, the film follows the plight of a struggling musician, Sean, who tries to win his girl back from a global pop star.

Sean’s odds are not looking good and steadily worsen as he deals with a series of unexpected turns and is helped and hindered by his band mates. The drama ignites as the plot thickens and the journey is far from smooth.

The production company, Sonny and Skye, based in Galway, was founded by Scottish sisters, Fiona Graham (writer/producer) and Mairi McLellan (Exec producer) and is directed by Scotsman, Konrad Begg (Crimes That Shook the World, Top Gear).

‘Seven Songs for Amy’ is centered around musicians, with a strong underlying love story and classic Celtic dialogue. Fiona and Konrad developed the story and the script is written by Fiona. Fiona has lived in County Galway for 13 years and saw the opportunity to write a story that brought the artistic and cultural essence of Galway to the fore.

“Galway, in the west of Ireland, is a centre for music culture, full of incredible talent and regularly visited by the world’s best, which is why we have set the film here. It is also a fun town and lends itself well to our story.”

Director, Konrad Begg, explained that Galway not only had the music element that suited the story but also had the scenic beauty. He said: “I have spent a lot of time in the west of Ireland and the story lends itself to the culture here. The scenic beauty of the area will be a character in itself.”

Casting for the film is nearly completed and prominent actors such as Patrick Bergin (Sleeping with the Enemy, Patriot Games) also attached. The film also has an original soundtrack with songs from the cream of Ireland’s emerging musicians such as Jim McKee, Ultan Conlon and Patrick Bergin.

Fiona said of Ford’s joining the team: “We are absolutely thrilled to have Ford Kiernan on board. He has been one of our comedy heros for some time. We are having a great time working together and the journey to make this film is full of fun and laughter.

“Our aim is to transfer that to screen and to entertain an international audience.”

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