Media Release: Marnoch clocks up 50 years in construction industry


AFTER a lifetime in the construction industry, and as he approaches his career half-century mark, Doug Marnoch has stepped down as FG Burnett’s property manager.

Twenty-three of those 50 years has been spent with the Albyn Place based commercial property firm, but Doug, originally from Turriff, is proud of having come through the ranks and working at every level of his chosen trade and profession.

Aged 15, he started off as an apprentice joiner with small joinery company in his home town and after serving his time moved to Doric Construction. While the construction industry suffered from cyclical swings, his progress was upwards as he became foreman joiner, general foreman, sub-agent, site agent, contracts manager and, finally, property manager.

It’s that wealth of experience at every level which has equipped Doug with the skills to manage FG Burnett’s portfolio of commercial and residential properties on behalf of landlords and proprietors.

“It seem a bit old-school but working up through every level has been a great advantage in managing the repairs, refurbishments and emergency situations which are part and parcel of overseeing the large number of properties we look after,” he said.

Many changes in the industry have taken place in the last 50 years, none more so than the inclusion of a swathe of sophisticated hi-tec facilities which are now commonplace in many modern buildings.

Doug said: “Years ago, all a property manager had to worry about was the general upkeep of a building and ensuring staples like stair cleaning was regular, lighting repairs happened quickly and regular decorating was scheduled.

“When I started out the role was relatively straightforward but modern buildings, both residential and commercial, now have all mod cons which demand a high level of maintenance and a rapid response when anything goes wrong.

“The biggest change is that many modern blocks now have sophisticated amenities and gadgetry as standard. On top of things like lifts, underground parking and generous landscaped grounds, computer-controlled systems are commonplace. From door access systems to ventilated windows and specialist lighting systems, we need to be on the ball with the latest technological developments and systems.”

Property management has become an integral part of FG Burnett’s business as owners recognise the importance of maintaining high standards and improving the facilities they can offer to tenants.

“If a property is maintained to a high standard it impacts on the level of rent a landlord can look to obtain, while in a selling situation the fabric of the building, how it looks and compares to similar properties on the market, will make a difference to the eventual sale price,” said Doug.

FG Burnett managing director, Angus MacCuish, paid tribute to his departing contracts manager. He said: “Doug’s wide-ranging experience, at every level of the construction industry, has been a great advantage to our business.

“Property management has become a mainstay service which offers assurance to our clients that their properties are being looked after properly and are in safe hands. Having a professional like Doug on board has been a great asset and we will miss his enthusiasm and eye for detail. All his colleagues wish him well in his deserved retirement.”


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