Media Release: Scottish entrepreneur consolidates status as favoured advisor to world leaders with VIP guest appearance at Republican Convention

AZEEM Ibrahim, the young Scottish entrepreneur and founder of ECM Holdings, has consolidated his status as the favoured advisor to world leaders with an appearance at the Republican Convention in Minneapolis-Saint Paul, which he attended as a VIP guest of the National Republican Congressional Committee.

As a VIP guest, Mr Ibrahim met with Presidential candidate, Senator John McCain, vice-president candidate, Governor Palin, as well as senior party leaders. He also spoke at a breakfast meeting on how the United States could improve its image around the world and found time to appear as a guest commentator, alongside the chair of Hillary Clinton’s Finance Committee, on the Riz Khan Show screened on Al Jazeera English.

Mr Ibrahim’s appearance at the Republican Convention comes just days after he met with First Minister Alex Salmond at the Scottish Parliament to outline his vision to the Scottish Government for helping Scotland become a wealthier and fairer place to live.

Entitled ‘Taking Scotland Forward’, Mr Ibrahim’s proposal comprised a range of practical measures designed to generate business for Scotland and stimulate the economy, as well as his business vision for a ‘Scottish Rainmakers’ programme.

Earlier this year, Mr Ibrahim met with President Bush in The White House, marking a spectacular high point to a remarkable career which, over the last few years alone, has seen him meet and advise a number of world leaders, including the Prime Minister of Turkey, whom he advised on how to attract more foreign investment into his country during the current turbulence in world markets.

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