Media Release: Ninth Morningside Scout group celebrates centenary

ONE of Scotland’s oldest Scout groups marks its centenary at the end of August with a series of special events.

Ninth Morningside (George Watson’s College) Scout Group, founded in 1908, will mark its 100th anniversary with a series of events, starting with a three-night camp at Nineacres Memorial Campsite near Crook of Devon at the end of this month.

It will be followed by a special outing to Jophie’s Neuk, near Gullane, the group’s summer campsite from the earliest days until the late 1950s, and a centenary dinner for 100 guests, to be held on Saturday 6 September.

All current and former Ninth Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Venture Scouts, Air Scouts, Rovers, Leaders and Members of the Group Executive are invited to attend as many of the events as possible, to help make the celebrations a unique part of the group’s history.

Former MP Lord Chris Smith and Professor Michael Steel, both one-time Ninth Scouts, will speak at the centenary dinner.

The Ninth, based at George Watson’s College, Edinburgh, held its first meeting on the last day of spring term, 1908.

Today the group, which holds meetings on Friday nights during term time and camps and other activities throughout the year, has 24 Beavers, 16 Cubs and 20 Scouts.

Ninth Group Scout leader, Richard Cavaye, highlighted the valuable contribution the group has made to the lives of boys – and now girls – since 1908.

He said: “While school obviously has a huge role to play in children and young people’s lives, over the past century the Ninth has been able to offer them something important, distinctive and additional – fun, risk-taking, the chance to learn new skills, and a sense of participation and solidarity.

“Being part of the Ninth has allowed generations of Cubs and Scouts to forge new friendships, gain confidence, challenge themselves, help other people, and broaden their view of the world.

“Although the Ninth is one of the oldest Scout groups in Scotland it has always had a distinctive character and done things its own way – and that’s something we will be celebrating at these centenary events.”

Former Ninth Scout and British Lions captain, Gavin Hastings, spoke about the positive impact his experiences with the group have had on his life and career.

He said: “I thoroughly enjoyed my years in the Ninth Scout Group as a youngster. Going on camp with other lads both younger and older than myself gave me a great sense of working in a team which I’m sure helped me greatly in my career and in my adult life. I know from speaking to lots of other people I have met about the great memories they have of Scouts too.”

Other events planned for the centenary celebrations include a tour of George Watson’s College, a service of celebration at Morningside United Church and a display of work by Ninth Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.

Full details of the centenary are available from the Ninth website:

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