Media Release: Stem cell therapies offer patients hope and reduced health care costs

STEM cell therapies and regenerative medicine will combat long-term disability to improve the lives of individual patients and reduce care costs overall – this is the view of the new chair of the Scottish Cell Stem Network (SSCN), Sir Graeme Catto, who also wants to find new ways of ‘rapid response’ funding to tackle situations where essential equipment or staff retention are required to ensure research projects proceed without delay.

Sir Graeme, who is also president of the General Medical Council, said improved patient care is the aim of turning stem cell research into a clinical reality.

“Regenerative medicine is one way in which many of the long-term conditions causing progressive disability might be effectively treated,” said Sir Graeme, who takes over the post from Ian Sword.

“Viewed in that way, the application of stem cell therapy should benefit both the individual patients and, by reducing the costs of care, society at large.”

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