Media Release: Shetland rock band means business

GOING on tour is part of a long-term career path for a young Shetland group seeking fame and fortune with the help of a business development grant from Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE).

Black Bic Biro have surprised everyone with the amount of interest they have generated within the music industry since they supported Scotland’s hugely successful band, Franz Ferdinand, at Whiteness public hall last September.

That concert saw the release of an EP recorded at manager, Marvin Smith’s home studio in Aith, which has sent ripples from Shetland through Glasgow to the offices of record labels and music lawyers in London.

Two concerts in Glasgow have confirmed interest from top London music law firm SSB, who represent Sugababes, Keane and Prodigy, as well as several music publishers and management groups. They are now in the top two per cent of up and coming bands, according to the industry.

They were picked as Unsigned Heroes on Radio Scotland’s Vic Galloway Show, and their original song, ‘Peggy Sue’, off their first EP has received national airplay on Radio One.

To build on this interest without signing their futures away on a premature recording contract, the trio of Reuben Quinn (guitar/vocals), Jim Bevington (bass) and John Gair (drums) have set up their own company, Yell Sound Music.

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