Media Release: gets editor-in-chief approval from 4000th freelancer!

NIKKI Newhouse, based in Oxfordshire and London, a freelance writer and practising coach, is the 4000th service provider signed up on the leading online skills marketplace,

Nikki, 31, works predominantly from home and has been a freelancer for over five years, having moved to the ‘other side of the desk’ after a successful career as an editor-in-chief.

She says: “The service offered by is a real necessity for professionals like myself who are looking for genuine, verified connections to people who need our services. The site’s format is clear, clean and easy to navigate and the way in which it offers service providers the chance to input a broad range of skills and experience means that the right service provider gets matched to the right job efficiently and easily.

“As the tagline says: Job done!”

Nikki is by no means the only journalist on the site: there are currently 82, based in the UK, Europe, Middle and Far East, Asia, Africa and the Americas, although only three hail from Scotland. is increasingly attracting highly-skilled freelancers who appreciate being paid for work in days rather than weeks or months.

Fast payment is guaranteed through the secure online payment system, backed by an escrow that holds the payment, and releases it within days of the work being accepted.

The system pays out for work done so fast that freelancers can use to boost their cashflow when they anticipate cash gaps, thus avoiding swingeing bank charges.

CEO Xenios Thrasyvoulou says helps small and medium-sized businesses work smarter by using his site to get freelancers bidding to do project work.

Because it’s a bidding system, business buyers get work done at keen prices. And because the service providers are focused on specific tasks, businesses are only paying for the work done, not the time that regular staff might spend hanging round the water cooler. Job done! Background Information:

PeoplePerHour are already the UK leaders for the online skills market. To date around 1,400 projects posted by UK businesses on have been successfully completed by a selection of 4,000 registered providers from the UK (49 pe cent), and (in decreasing order) from US, India, Argentina and Spain, enabling UK small businesses to tap into a global labour market.

Founded in 2007 by two Cambridge graduates, Xenios Thrasyvoulou and Simos Kitiris, are targeting an estimated £5 billion opportunity.

That’s based on the Federation of Small Business (FSB) figures for 2006 showing the total annual spend on part-time, agency workers and casual labour in the UK across all businesses was £70 billion a year. 4.4 million small businesses in the UK are currently growing by ten per cent annually and account for 35 per cent of the UK workforce, but only 44 per cent of the small business workforce is in full-time employment.

Buyers choose from an average of five bids per project posted and in many cases can access CV, photo, description, sample work and referee contact details. ensures providers get paid on completion through a combination of their unique escrow facility plus PayPal.

The company has already attracted £350,000 of seed investment from prominent angel investors and is in discussions with a number of VCs.

PeoplePerHour practises what it preaches. Their team consists of developers in India, designers in the US, a virtual assistant, PR agent and bookkeeper – all from the site.

Busiest work categories are (in descending order): Web Development & Programming, Design, Admin Support, Writing (including Translations and Transcriptions), Marketing & PR, and Research.

The typical buyer runs a small business (usually less than 20 people). No sectoral bias: companies seem to vary from boutique financial firms, Internet companies, property and PR agencies.

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