Media Release: Revving his engines for Scotland’s history

ON a large motorcycle, charismatic writer and historian, David R Ross, has visited many locations in Scotland, leaving no stone unturned.

And he is now taking Scotland to the world on his appearances throughout the States and Canada, where he is more and more in demand.

Never dry or stuffy, his historical findings come together in his latest book, On the Trail of Scotland’s History, a welcome return following his popular On The Trail of… book series.

Irreverent, opinionated and passionate about Scotland, Ross traces events, people and places that have made Scotland’s history so important and fascinating, and expresses why you should visit sites he mentions in the book.

He visits castles, monuments and battlegrounds, old communities and ancient sites, to uncover what lies at the heart of the Scottish landscape.

From more famous places such as the Rosslyn Chapel, Wallace monuments, and film locations, to lesser-known spots providing us with information on the Viking age, the final resting grounds of Maclain, Chief of Glencoe, and the legendary King Macbeth, and the exploits of King Arthur and Camelot, Ross unearths little-known stories and facts.

“We have almost nothing tangible in the way of artefacts from William Wallace’s lifetime. However, there are many places in our landscape with a Wallace connection. So we can at least say he has left his impression on the face of the countryside.”

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