Media Release: Top ten skills for modern girls

GIRLS in Guiding have named the top skills that every modern girl should have under her belt.

The new survey shows today’s girls prioritise independence, knowing how to take care of themselves and getting their voices heard. Over a 1,000 young members of Girlguiding UK – from seven to 25 – took part. *

16-to-25s: Named by 93 per cent, money management comes first for debt-aware 16-25 year-olds, followed by performing CPR** (85 per cent), speaking confidently in public (84 per cent) and practicing safe-sex (80 per cent). A career-conscious two-thirds prioritise producing a first-rate CV and holding down a job, while at home, assembling flat-pack furniture was chosen by over half (55 per cent.)

ten-to-15: Snubbing snacks and fast-food, four out of five 10-to-15 year-olds made cooking a healthy meal their first choice (79 per cent), followed by leading a team (74 per cent),pitching a tent (71 per cent) and knowing how to stand up to boys (68 per cent). A tech-savvy two thirds chose getting to grips with Word and Excel. Meanwhile, a switched on 67 per cent, opted for changing a light-bulb with a similar proportion keen to master some high kicking self-defence moves (65 per cent).

seven-to-tenss: Four out of five street-wise seven-to-ten year olds put knowing your green cross code first (79 per cent), followed closely by safe cyber-surfing (75 per cent). And they showed their caring side with three quarters choosing looking after a pet and knowing basic first aid (74 per cent). Counting to ten in another language came next (60 per cent), with more energetic accomplishments – riding a bike (59 per cent) and swimming 100 meters (58 per cent) – not far behind.

Scottish chief commissioner, Liz Pitcairn, said: “As Scotland’s leading voluntary organisation for girls and young women we prioritise giving girls the skills, experiences and opportunities they need to reach for new aspirations and succeed in the modern world. But these goalposts don’t standstill. Which is why we constantly ask our members what they think, so that we can continue to be truly relevant to tomorrow’s young women.”

Girlguiding Scotland offers a huge range of exciting activities – badges and beyond – to help girls learn new skills. Modern badges include: Communicator, Computer, Cyclist, Healthy Lifestyles, Independent Living, Outdoor Pursuits, Party Planner, Personal Safety, Road Safety and World Traveller.

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The Top-Ten for seven-tens

1. Know your Green Cross Code

2. Surf the web safely

3. Care for a pet

4. Clean a cut or graze

5. Count to ten in a foreign language

6. Ride a bike

7. Swim 100 metres

8. Name your favourite book

9. Name the Prime Minister

10. Name ten counties in Europe

The Top Ten for ten-15s

1. Cook a healthy meal

2. Lead a team

3. Pitch a tent

4. Stand up to boys

5. Master Microsoft Word

6. Change a light bulb

7. Know self-defence

8. Use a compass

9. Say hello in three languages

10. Take an expert photo

The Top Ten for 16-25s

1. Manage your money

2. Perform CPR

3. Speak confidently in public

4. Practise safe-sex

5. Produce a top CV

6. Keep down your carbon footprint

7. Hold down a job

8. Assemble flat-pack furniture

9. Cook a roast dinner

10. Plan a holiday with mates

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