Media Release: Popular TV scientist to launch new exhibition

PROFESSOR Heinz Wolff will launch a fascinating new exhibition looking at
the massive changes in home entertainment over the last 100 years (Big
Band to Broadband) on 21 July in the new Museum of Communication at 131
High Street, Burntisland, Fife.

Professor Wolff is probably best known for hosting the cult TV programme, ‘The Great Egg Race’, in the 1980s as well as other favourites like Young
Scientist of the Year.

He is a highly-respected scientist and broadcaster
and has held positions including head of the European Manned Space
Commission. He is a passionate believer in the importance of technical and
scientific education for all and this fits perfectly with the aims and
ambitions of the Museum of Communication.

The exhibition explores the history of domestic entertainment – a subject
which touches everyone’s life, and provokes nostalgia for those of us over
a certain age and amusement at ‘old-fashioned’ technology for the young.
Most people’s memories today are inextricably linked with some aspect of
domestic entertainment – Do you remember the days before email and the
internet? The good old days when we had a choice of three TV stations and
they shut down during the day? Those quaint old long-playing records and
mobile phones the size of a house brick?

Visitors can see the massive changes in the way our domestic entertainment
has been provided since the early 20th century. The exhibition starts back
in the pre-television days when radio was the ‘must have’ piece of
entertainment equipment in the home, and follows through the introduction
of TV and its development, as well as the birth of home computing and
mobile phone technology, to the very latest developments such as the ipod.

The exhibition is a fascinating trip down memory lane for older people and
a great education for children about social history and science and

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