Media Release: 13 Pillars of Internet Marketing seminar set for Glasgow in September

AN internet marketing seminar which recently sold out in Edinburgh is coming to Glasgow.

The seminar, called ‘The 13 Pillars of Internet Marketing’ will be presented by Scotland-based internet marketing trainer, David Bain.

Businesses may appear to be paying attention to buzzwords like Web 2.0 and blogging, but if they don’t have the basic pillars in place then they are in trouble, claims David.

He said: “Successful internet marketing is a combination between strategy and marketing, but you need to have the right people to do it.

“After all, a plumber can be fantastic at plumbing but you wouldn’t ask him for advice on other aspects of your company. However, I’ve seen companies where people who are skilled in the more technical IT side of things being asked for their opinion on internet marketing because it’s seen as all being IT-related. It’s ridiculous.

“Similarly, you have companies who hire external agencies and are incredibly vague about what they want and are then disappointed with the results, but they don’t see that the problem is that they were too vague to begin with.”

David doesn’t expect every company to manage their own internet marketing campaigns, but he does believe that everyone should have a grasp of the basics, so that they can manage and direct the process more effectively and successfully.

To that end, he has set up a website at which aims to give advice and pointers to companies. As a website bonus, he has also posted interviews with leading experts in the field to give their opinions.

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