Media Release: Greens comment on G8 Summit

GREENS said it was vital that Scotland sends a message to G8 leaders to demand a tougher approach to reducing carbon emissions and to prioritise renewable energy development.

Mark Ruskell MSP, Green speaker on the Environment and deputy-convener of the Parliament’s Environment Committee, said: “To not take decisive action right now in 2005 is unthinkable, time is running out for global action to stop climate change.

“The possibility of nuclear power bankrupting the budgets for tackling climate change is a real danger. Diverting money away from the development of energy efficiency and renewable energy will strangle attempts to get emissions down, leaving no low cost, low carbon pathway for the developing countries to follow.”

Notes to editors


(2) Draft motion submitted to the parliament today: That this parliament notes with grave concern a leaked document entitled ‘Draft G8 Text on Climate Change and Sustainable Energy’, which suggests preparations for a weak approach to climate change at the G8 summit in Scotland in July; recognises that climate change is inextricably linked to poverty as its effects will compound and worsen poverty in developing countries; calls on G8 leaders to issue immediate clarification on the status of this document; and believes that if G8 leaders are not intent on taking meaningful action on climate change and poverty then they will not be welcomed here.

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