Media Release: Glasgow city parking adopts Visimetrics CCTV solution

CITY Parking (Glasgow), the LLP parking operation of Glasgow City Council, has adopted a fully integrated IP-based CCTV solution from Visimetrics for the control, management and recording of CCTV images throughout the city’s multi-storey car parks.

The CCTV system upgrade was part of a major refurbishment programme following the transfer of Glasgow City Council’s off-street parking operations to the newly created LLP.

The programme’s aim was to improve the efficiency, operation and capability of parking facilities across the city. Central to this aim was bringing the control and operation of all the city council’s parking facilities within one location.

With the network capability already in place at head office the Control Room and centralised equipment for parking, intercom, CCTV and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) were located there.

The integrated IP CCTV solution was specifically developed by Visimetrics to the meet the operational requirements of City Parking (Glasgow). The integrated solution provides complete automation of camera control and recording profiles based on the activation of intercom, pay station or barrier control help points.

An intercom call for assistance to the central Control Room directs an associated camera towards the help point, barrier or pay station. The recording profile for the camera is simultaneously increased for the duration of the intercom activity ensuring the highest possible quality of video and audio content is recorded for incident review and training purposes.

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