Media Release: Fundraising appeal to establish Scotland’s first day centre for teenagers with cerebral palsy

OVER 300 guests are attending the official launch this weekend of a major fundraising appeal to establish what is believed to be Scotland’s first day centre for teenagers with cerebral palsy.

The first Full Circle Foundation Ball is taking place this Saturday [24th October 09] at the Glasgow Science Centre to help raise money to build a dedicated facility in the Central Scotland which provides further education and recreation opportunities for 19-25 year-olds who suffer from cerebral palsy and rare genetic disorders.

The Full Circle Foundation charity was founded by Glasgow parents, Jane and Chris Wagner, whose daughter, Zoe developed cerebral palsy following a severe case of meningitis when she was just four months old. Zoe is now 18 and is attending her final term at Capability Scotland’s Corseford School in Kilbarchan. Like other parents who have sons and daughters in a similar position, Jane and Chris are unsure what the future will hold for their daughter.

“There are several dedicated centres in England, but nowhere in Scotland which caters adequately for the school leavers with cerebral palsy, many of whom are wheelchair bound and have complex needs,” Jane explains.

“We have already started looking at different colleges and what they might be able to offer Zoe, but already we are coming to the conclusion that the best she might be able to do is two half-days per week because there simply isn’t the level of support that she requires on a day-to-day basis. For her, this is a big disappointment because she wants to go to college full-time and, without this, and the social interaction with her peers that college would provide, she is going to feel very isolated.”

As owners of a long-established, successful family business, Zoe’s future looks brighter than most, but for parents much less fortunate it’s a different story says Jane. “Once their sons and daughters leave school they usually become the full-time responsibility of their parents or carers, who have little choice other than to give up work or ask a retired or non working family member to help out, and this is a situation we desperately need to change.”

The charity’s goal is to have a day centre in Central Scotland that will accommodate up to 50 students and will provide a stimulating environment which combines education, physiotherapy, personal development programmes involving music, dance and arts, as well as fun and exciting days out and leisure activities.

“We believe the emphasise should be on ability rather than disability and helping to benefit these young teenagers’ by continuing to provide new skills, experiences and social activities that will empower them to take responsibility for their own lives and help them integrate into society, both socially and in the workplace” said Jane.

“It is a seven-year goal but the support we have had has been tremendous and this weekend’s fundraising ball will be an important occasion to officially launch our appeal and encourage people to join us in improving the lives of teenagers with cerebral palsy.”

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