Media Release: robertson technologies launches BFA-accredited franchise scheme

ROBERTSON technologies has brought personality and panache to the world of computer support and is offering others the chance to benefit from its approach through a newly-launched management franchise scheme accredited by the British Franchise Association (BFA).

Established in 2005, robertson technologies specialises in providing computer support and consultancy to SMEs and has quickly established itself as a reliable, personable and essential support service for it wide range of clients.

The business is headquartered in Edinburgh and also has a strong client base in Glasgow. Now the BFA has accredited its franchise scheme, the business aims to take its unique approach to computer support nationwide and award 20 franchises over the course of the next three years.

Rather than simply reacting to clients’ IT issues as they arise, robertson technologies seeks to pre-empt and prevent them by working on site with clients every month. Clients are not paying for an IT hotline, but rather the services of an IT engineer that will work at their offices, for an agreed period of time, every month.

During this time, engineers will address any computing issues that the company has, as well as managing, modifying and servicing both the hardware and software in place to keep it working it its very best. Furthermore, it is important that the engineer is available to support the people who use the technology and ensure that they are getting the most out of their IT.

Hamish Robertson, the eponymous founder of the business, said: “Most of our competitors look to service clients remotely and only provide on site support in an emergency. We work in reverse and go to clients’ offices every month to service their IT systems and proactively deal with any problems that the staff have. If they need us at any other time we are only a phone call away, but by keeping their systems well-serviced we reduce the number of issues they tend to face.”

The business also focuses purely on business clients, which further sets it apart from others firms in this sector, which generally cater for both commercial and residential customers.

Mr Robertson added: “We are very focused about the support and service levels we are trying to achieve and to help us provide the best for our business clients we have decided to work exclusively in this market. I think this makes our proposition more attractive to SME customers and clearly defines who we are and what we offer.”

When discussing the new management franchise scheme, Mr Robertson said he wanted to attract business-minded individuals with a strong sales and customer service pedigree. In granting franchise applications, he said these qualities would be more important than IT knowledge and skills.

“The people I am looking for don’t need strong IT skills, they need to have a desire to grow a successful business and in turn they will employ staff with the correct IT expertise to manage customers effectively,” said Mr Robertson.

“Our franchise offer is a great opportunity for ambitious people to make a proven model in this growing market work for them and already we have had a lot of interest from potential candidates.”

The BFA’s head of Quality Standards and Compliance, Andrew Quail, said: “The British Franchise Association is pleased to welcome robertson technologies into membership, which shows that they have met our quality standards for franchising. We wish the franchise operation well, and look forward to robertson technologies progressing in the fullness of time to become Associate and eventually Full Members of the Association.”


For more information please visit or contact Hamish Robertson on 0845 838 1710.

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