Media Release: Scottish companies should be twittering more

TOO many Scottish companies are wasting a golden opportunity to vastly increase their visibility on the Internet because they are not making full use of social and business networking sites, like Twitter and Facebook.

That’s according to Murdoch MacDonald, managing director of the Elite Ayrshire Business Circle and proprietor of PR consultancy, Fame Publicity Services.

He says: “There is now a considerable number of sites that can either be used for trivial purposes like exchanging gossip and holiday photographs, or alternatively taken practical advantage of in order to increase market awareness of a company’s products and services.

“In order to best survive the remainder of the current recession and take advantage of the coming economic recovery, Scottish companies need to make sure that future potential customers can find them more quickly and easily on the Internet, and that they are more prominently visible than any of their competitors.

“They should ignore the trivial aspects of networking sites, and make it their business to find out how proper use of them as part of an integrated Internet PR campaign can make a real, positive and tangible difference to their future company performance.”

The Elite Ayrshire Business Circle offers its members a groundbreaking and cutting edge Internet PR and publicity service including use of Twitter and Facebook, not to mention business networking sites and Internet newswire sites, as part of their subscription package.

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