Media Release: Eco-friendly luxury car wash opens in Glasgow

A NEW state-of-the-art hand car wash system has been designed specifically not only to protect our valuable natural resources but to protect cars from being damaged by the traditional automated brush car wash systems.

CarSpa is believed to be the first semi-automated hand car wash of its kind in the UK that uses the unique Safetveyr flat-top conveyor system for safe and smooth vehicle washing. The custom-designed and built wash centre boasts a range of features installed specifically to help recycle and retain the traffic film, acid rain and general dirt and grime pollutants that are a by-product from cleaning cars.

Tommy Wallace, CarSpa managing director, said: “We’ve carefully considered all of the known problems with both legal and illegal hand car wash systems and addressed the environmental issues from day one.

“That means that, at CarSpa, all the water we use is filtered through a huge three stage interceptor where sediment, oils and contaminants washed from cars are gathered to be removed on a regular basis via a licensed company for safe disposal. We do not allow any water to enter our water courses via street drains or through leeching into the soils.

“CarSpa recovers and reuses over 75 per cent of the water used in its wash process. The water is recovered from the three stage interceptor and then filtered via a powerful hydro cyclone to remove small particles that may still be suspended in the water. The water is then stored for reuse during the wash cycle. Fresh water is used for the wax rinse to give a perfect finish.

“CarSpa cares for the environment and only uses environmentally friendly biodegradable detergents and waxes that are approved to British standards.”

Added Mr Wallace: “And our unique and powerful blow dry at the end of the wash tunnel ensures that most of the water is retained within the wash enclosure to maximise water retention and recycling opportunities.”

CarSpa offers three services: the express wash; super wash and luxury wash. The environmentally-friendly hand car wash centre, is located at 250 Drumoyne Road, Glasgow. To book your car in for an appointment call Euan on 07709 452978.

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