Media Release: More than half the North-east population still keep it Northsound 1 and Northsound 2

ONCE again, Northsound 1 and Northsound 2 are the undisputed radio stations of choice for more than half the population of the North-east, according to the latest industry figures released last Thursday (October 29), which also show that Northsound 1 remains the number one station in this area for a fifth successive survey.

Says a spokesperson: “The latest RAJAR figures, which cover the third quarter of 2009, demonstrate that Northsound 1 and Northsound 2 have a combined weekly reach of 51 per cent, up 21.6 per cent on last year.

“The combined market share of Northsound 1 and Northsound 2 is also up to 30.5 per cent, an increase of two per cent on the previous quarter.

“The figures show that Northsound 1’s total hours listened, average hours listened and share of the market are the highest recorded since 2005 with the ‘Greigsy at Breakfast’ show the undisputed market leader for that time slot.

“Northsound 2 is also on up on total hours, average hours and market share compared to the previous quarter.”

Northsound’s station director, Cathy Kirk, commented: “This is another fantastic set of figures for us, proving that Northsound 1 and Northsound 2 are the radio stations of choice for the people in the North-east. With more of our listeners tuning into us for longer, it’s a clear message that we are providing them with a product they love and trust.”

Chris Thomson, Northsound’s programme director, added: “We are delighted that Northsound 1 remains the undisputed top radio station in our transmission area, and we’ve also recorded the highest listening hours on Northsound 1 since June 2005.

“Northsound 2 remains the second favourite station broadcasting from this area with more than double the market share of our geographically-closest commercial competitor and it also clearly beats the market share of BBC Radio Scotland.”

The spokesperson continued: “Northsound 1 remains the top radio station in this area, having increased its share of the market to 21.9 per cent (up from 20.9 per cent last quarter and 18.5 per cent last year).

“The figures also show that people are listening to Northsound 1 for 1,415,000 hours per week, the highest since September 2005 and a rise from 1,346,000 last quarter.

“And with market share at 8.6 per cent (up from 7.6 per cent last quarter), Northsound 2 is still the second most popular station broadcasting from the North-east, with an increased reach of 19 per cent (up by two per cent from last quarter) listening for a total of 553,000 hours, up from 493,000 hours in the previous quarter.”

Northsound 1 can be found at 96.9FM and Northsound 2 at 1035MW and on digital or log on to or

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