Media Release: Edinburgh dental practice on a mission to improve citizens’ teeth and gums

THE Stafford Street Dental Care team is so passionate about dental health that they are taking to the streets to get Edinburgh’s citizens thinking about how to do the best for their teeth and gums.

Dentists, Yann and Gilly Maidment, have launched a ‘Top tips for teeth’ campaign and want to reach out into as many of the city’s offices and homes as possible by distributing cards highlighting how to improve dental health.

Says a spokesperson: “Did you know, for instance, that any drink with fruit in it, however it is packaged, can potentially launch an acid attack in your mouth? And were you aware that acid in fruit can erode your teeth enamel as well as cause decay? Awareness is important because products which are promoted as healthy due to their high vitamin content may be detrimental to mouth health.”

But, according to Yann and Gilly Maidment, there are steps you can take to neutralise acids and keep dentally fit. The couple run Stafford Street Dental Care and, together with their team, they have decided to run the campaign to help reduce the amount of restorative treatment in their practice.

They estimate that at least 100 people a year take advantage of their Rescue and Repair package. This is for non-registered patients who have an emergency and need to see a dentist in a hurry.

Gilly said: “We feel pretty upset when we see new patients with poor dental health who for years think they have been doing all they can. Instead, just sitting at work or at home and snacking, they subject their teeth to regular acid attacks and end up suffering from decay or erosion.”

“When we realised how many patients we were seeing who wished they had been better informed, we decided it was time to take pre-emptive action and reach out into Edinburgh homes and workplaces and get people thinking how they could improve their dental health.”

Stafford Street Dental Care’s top tips for teeth are also on the practice website at:

Note to editors:

Some of the Stafford Street Dental Care’ top tips are taken from the report, Delivering Better Oral Health, an evidence-based toolkit for prevention published in 2007.

Dental health was included in the Scottish Health Survey in 2008. This showed that 41 per cent of Scottish adults had reported some dental pain in the previous ten months and 56 per cent of Scottish adults over 65 had no teeth. Its introduction states: It is widely acknowledged that Scotland’s oral health is poor in comparison with other European countries and that the many factors that lead to poor general health within Scotland’s population, such as diet, poverty and tobacco use, contribute to this.”

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