Media Release: Free speakers for Edinburgh groups – Edinburgh Speakers’ Bureau launches

THE Edinburgh Speakers’ Bureau has been set up to offer experienced speakers free of charge to local groups.

The Speakers’ Bureau is run by the two Edinburgh branches of the world’s largest public speaking training organisation: Toastmasters International (a not-for-profit organisation). The speakers are all regular members of an Edinburgh Toastmasters’ club and have been presenting for many years.

Our speakers deliver:

* Competition style speeches (5-10 mins)

* Mini-keynote speeches (15-20 mins)

* Specialist or educational speeches (20-45 mins)

The speakers all have different backgrounds and specialist subjects. All are trained public speakers, have participated in competitions and use their skills professionally. Presentations can often be tailored to suit the audience. The speakers are:

Nick Williams (Bureau chair) is a committed mountaineer and published author. He has a wealth of unusual experiences to suit all audiences. His talks motivate by way of metaphor, instruct through example, and entertain by finding the ordinary in the strangest of places.

Penny Haywood Calder (Bureau PR officer) is an acknowledged PR guru and author of the business book best-seller: DIY PR, the small business owner’s guide to ‘free’ publicity. She also knows what panic attacks feel like when public speaking – and how she overcame them. Invite her to speak on how to boost your business or conquer your fear of public speaking.

Moira M. Beaton (past area governor, Toastmasters in Scotland) learned to communicate whilst living long-term and travelling extensively in the Middle East and Cyprus. On her return to Scotland after 25 years abroad, she qualified as a solicitor in Edinburgh, and balanced the challenges of the legal profession with one of her life-long passions – the art of communication. Now, as a personal and communication coach, she helps people fulfil their dreams and speak with power. Careful: this woman could change your life!

Eu Jin Teh (president, Capital Communicators) is a Malaysian with Chinese ethnic background. English is Eu Jin’s second language, but this has not stopped him from presenting at conferences and winning many speech contests. Eu Jin came to the UK six years ago, and has since successfully turned his biggest challenge: effective communication, into his greatest strength. From his experiences on and off the podium, Eu Jin will entertain, provide practical advice, and inspire native and non-native speakers to deliver confidently.

Speakers are provided on an expense-only basis, but any donations will be put towards further training at the two Edinburgh clubs: Capital Communicators and Waverley Communicators.

To book a speaker, or to come along to an Edinburgh Toastmasters’ club to see speakers in action and to learn more about public speaking,

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Toastmasters International Background:

* Toastmasters International (TMI) was founded in the USA during the 1920s.

* Today, there are more than 12,500 TMI clubs with over 250,000 members in 106 countries.

* Through club activities and conferences, TMI helps its members improve their communication and leadership skills while fostering self-confidence and personal growth.

* There are eight TMI clubs in Scotland in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Dundee, Forres, Glasgow and Linlithgow.

* Capital Communicators meets every second Tuesday at 7.15pm for 7.30pm in the Theosophical Society, 28 Great King Street, Edinburgh, first floor. Find dates and further details:

* Waverley Communicators meets every second Thursday evening at 6.45pm for 7.00pm at the Central Library, George IVth Bridge, Edinburgh. Find dates and further details:

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Contact: Penny Haywood Calder
Phone: 0131 669 5190