Media Release: WENN partners with Tradeclips to extend audience reach

TRADECLIPS – considered the first dedicated online service offering a simple, secure and cost-effective way to manage, store and syndicate multimedia content – today announced that the World Entertainment News Network (WENN) has signed a deal to upload daily video content in order to extend its audience reach.

WENN is a leading entertainment news network, providing the latest entertainment news, video, photos and features to over 1,000 media outlets worldwide. By partnering with Tradeclips, it can easily manage and distribute hours of celebrity video footage to a broader audience of publishers and media agencies.

Located in two secure data warehouses in the UK, Tradeclips provides a reliable and robust data infrastructure combined with a comprehensive user-management facility that allows total control over who can upload, download, publish and syndicate digital assets – whether internally, throughout the Tradeclips community or within the broader media community.

“The Tradeclips team has an impressive pedigree in managing significant quantities of content from multiple owners and making it available to a broad range of parties so it’s a natural progression for WENN to come on board with Tradeclips,” commented Lloyd Beiny, CEO, WENN. “Put simply, they can reach places we can’t and deliver results beyond our traditional model to extend our audience reach, particularly when it comes to online publications.”

Added Angela Stanbrook, chief operations officer, Tradeclips: “Following our successful launch in November, we are delighted to have a heavy-hitting brand such as WENN sign-up. We already reach over 70 per cent of the UK’s print and broadcast media and have over 250,000 media clips uploaded from hundreds of sources, so the addition of WENN’s video content is a welcome supplement to our growing content resource.”

WENN will make its daily paparazzi video content, sourced primarily from London, New York and Los Angeles, available via Tradeclips from December 2009.

About Tradeclips

Tradeclips has been developed by a team of media messaging professionals which includes working journalists, photographers and PR professionals. As part of the media community with an understanding of the specific needs of those working in it, Tradeclips has been designed to make professional lives easier. It is considered the first dedicated online service offering those working in newspaper publishing, broadcasting, public relations and marketing a simple, secure and cost-effective way to take in, manage, store and syndicate multimedia files between colleagues, clients and other Tradeclips subscribers.

Tradeclips is part of the Wirefast group of companies, which includes Newslink, the industry-standard news and picture wire service that has built up a reputation for secure, guaranteed delivery to the UK and Irish news industry over the last 20-plus years. It has already been endorsed by the Public Relations Consultants Association (PRCA) and welcomed by publishers and broadcasters as the best way of bringing multimedia content from the media and PR industries to the attention of news decision makers.

About WENN

WENN is a 20-year old unique, independent, global news network providing entertainment news, photos & video content to the world’s media. Headquartered in London with offices in Los Angeles, New York and Berlin, WENN employs some 60 full-time staff and hundreds of freelance contributors. WENN’s celebrity content is trusted by media the world over – newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, websites and telecoms.

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