Media Release: New, miracle face lift

IT’S what millions of men and women have been searching for – a miracle face lift which requires no incisions, no hospital stay and delivers instant and long lasting results.

And it’s now available from a leading cosmetic doctor in Glasgow who is understood to be the first in Britain to perform a ‘new, revolutionary’ thread lift technique called, the Miracle Frame Thread Lift.

The Miracle Frame Thread Lift is performed by Dr Kieren Bong at his private clinic in Glasgow, called Essence Medical.

Says a spokesperson: “With the help of an ultra-fine guiding needle, he uses long threads that are embedded into the deep tissue layer of the skin. These are crossed over one another to create a suspended frame and tightened to reduce sagging skin and jowly appearances, creating the desired effect.

“Dr Bong was trained in the technique by Dr Woo Jung Ho, a highly-acclaimed cosmetic surgeon in South Korea, where cosmetic surgery is one of the country’s fastest growing industries. Dr Woo, who is director of the Miracle Cosmetic International and has clinics in South Korea, Los Angles, Singapore and Japan developed the technique, also known as the J.J. Miracle Lift.

“It is the only procedure of its kind where there is no scalpel incision to the skin. It is performed under local anesthetic, in a single one hour session and offers significant advances says Dr Bong, on surgical and conventional thread lifting alternatives.

“The creation of a frame gives the skin and deep tissues a more robust suspension which ensures semi permanent and very natural looking results.

“There is no scalpel incision and unlike thread lifting which requires several incisions, I make one or several very small fixation points under the hairline which heal very quickly. I also use a larger quantity of threads which gives much wider facial coverage. There is no scarring, no downtime and the results are dramatic and long lasting, with patients experiencing an immediate reduction in lines and sagging skin by as much as 50 per cent.”

April Wallace, a 46 year-old financial advisor from Glasgow, who recently underwent the procedure, says she was amazed by the results.

She said: “Unfortunately, I am a smoker and that’s taken its toll on my skin. I was becoming increasingly unhappy about the way I looked and started considering the different options. When Dr Bong told me about this Miracle Frame Lift technique, I knew immediately that this was the answer.

“Dr Bong explained everything to me in detail both before and during the procedure. The fact that I was awake throughout made me feel like I was in control and when he showed me the results I was totally amazed. The effects were instantaneous. I could see the jowls around my jawline had disappeared, my face now has a much more youthful appearance and when I look in the mirror I think I look ten years younger!”

Costing £2,500, Ms Wallace felt no doubt that it was money worth spending. “It if makes you feel good, it’s worth it. Apart from anything, you only need to count out how much you spend on age-defying skin products over five to ten years and with this, the effects are instantly noticeable. So, it’s worth every penny in my view.”

As well as helping to tackle mild to moderate signs of ageing, Dr Bong says the advanced rejuvenation technique is also suitable for men and women looking for subtle changes to brows, cheeks, jowls, the neck area. This was what appealed most to 41 year-old make-up artist, Esther Brown, when she decided to opt for the Miracle Frame Thread Lift.

She said: “I felt a full face lift was too drastic for someone my age, but I work in an image conscious industry with a lot of young, attractive men and women. There is only so much even professionally applied make-up can achieve and, earlier this year, I was starting to feel my age and, having had Botox in the past, I decided this was the next step.

“I had the corners of my eyes lifted and some firming up around the jawline and when I went to work people immediately commented on my new appearance. At first, they thought I had lost weight because they said my face was much slimmer. It’s early days but I am fully delighted with the results.”

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Dr Kieren Bong (31), graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the University of Glasgow in 2003. He has developed special interest in minor surgery and medical aesthetics having spent several years expanding his surgical skills and expertise in the fields of acute services and General Practise during which time he also became a fully qualified GP. In 2008, Dr Bong established his own private clinic in Glasgow called Essence Medical specialising in minimally invasive medical aesthetic treatments. Services include Botox, dermal fillers, chemical peels, non surgical nose reshaping, lip enhancement, and non surgical eye lift. Dr Bong has full registration by the General Medical Council.

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