Media Release: Scotland’s spooky jail offers real search for paranormal activity

THE release of movie box office sensation, Paranormal Activity, in the UK last week will have brought many superstitious imaginations to life.

Sparking questions on whether ghosts exist, a Scottish landmark in the heart of Argyll offers the opportunity to see how ghosts are really caught on camera.

Ghost Hunting events open to the public take place throughout the year at Argyll’s 19th century courthouse and prison – Inveraray Jail.

Says a spokesperson: “6,000 men, women and children were tried and served sentences in the jail between 1820 and 1889. Today, it is a popular visitor attraction and museum.

“Unexplained sightings and unusual activity recorded by visitors, staff and paranormal investigators suggest that the establishment is haunted. With a history of depression, torture, death and damnation and a haunting reputation, the jail was recently an obvious venue for TV programme, Most Haunted, earlier this year.

“Arriving at 10pm at the eerie jail, just off the banks of the misty Loch Fyne, brave event goers are greeted by Ghost Events Scotland, Scotland’s leading paranormal events company. The opportunity to communicate with the traumatised spirits of old prisoners – without the gimmicks – begins.

“The Ghost Hunting nights start with a walk around the location with one of Ghost Events Scotland’s Psychic Mediums in search for spiritual presences. The lights go out and the event continues in the dark with interactive experiments which include filmed vigils, trigger object experiments, Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) experiments and a variety of other ghost hunting gadgets. Ending at 4am, participants look back at the recordings to see the results.”

Mark Turner, paranormal investigator at Ghost Events, said: “We have carried out investigations for several years now at Inveraray Jail. We are starting to notice several patterns in our findings particularly with the noises and sounds we have recorded. The jail certainly has a high level of paranormal activity in comparison with many other sites we have visited around Scotland. This nation is blessed with such rich history so it’s the ideal place to search old buildings and historic landmarks for evidence of the afterlife amid the countless reports of paranormal activity.”

Gavin Dick, general manager of Inveraray Jail, said: “The ghost hunting nights at Inveraray Jail are always a great success. A range of people come for all sorts of reasons. Some have a genuine belief and some are novices or purely suspicious. The release of Paranormal Activity will most certainly boost interest and suspicion in the paranormal and afterlife. Economically, the movie comes at a good time as we run our events during the off-peak tourist season. These events can bring many benefits to the local economy in our rural location.”

He added: “Most of our staff at Inveraray Jail have their own stories on ghostly sightings and unexplained activity around the jail.  I too just the other day had a spooky experience when a door near me closed, even though it is always hooked open! We also have many visitors sharing with us their stories and pictures, from a feeling they got in a certain room to an unexplained object in their photograph. Cell ten is the one to watch!”

Inveraray Jail was once the courthouse and prison serving Argyll. Real-life warders, matrons and prisoners bring the 19th century prison alive. Visitors can try out prison beds and hammocks in the old and new prisons, sit in on a trial in the spectacular courtroom, sample the brutal 19th century prison punishments and search through prison records for your naughty ancestors. The privately-run attraction is open all year round.

The next Paranormal Investigation takes place on Saturday 5th December (charity event for Sense Scotland SOLD OUT) and Saturday 12th December.

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Notes to Editors:


  • Interviews with the interactive, costumed characters at the jail can be arranged. They will be able to share with you their ghost stories and sightings they have experienced during their time at the jail.
  • Interviews with Mark Turner of Ghost Events Scotland can also be arranged.
  • Inveraray Jail is a superb visitor attraction with interest and excitement for all ages. Visitors can tour at their own leisure. There are also great family deals and concessions for seniors and groups.
  • The Royal Burgh of Inveraray lies on the beautiful banks of Loch Fyne in Argyll. From Glasgow take the A82 North along Loch Lomond to Tarbert and then take the A83 round the head of Loch Fyne to Inveraray. Allow one-and-a-half hours.

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