Media Release: New survey reveals Scots are doing more to help the environment

A SURVEY of over 1,100 Scots, carried out by George Street Research between 8th and 21st December, revealed that 39 per cent planned on doing something different at Christmas with the aim of helping the environment.

The survey findings revealed that 46 per cent of women, compared with 33 per cent of men, were planning changes with the environment in mind.

Says a spokesperson: “Recycling was a popular option. 61 per cent of those intriducing measure said they would recycle all bottles, cans and so on, 42 per cent planned on recycling wrapping paper, and two per cent mentioned recycling Christmas cards. Around one in four (24 per cent) said they were cutting down on use of wrapping paper.

“Almost one in two of those planning something different (47 per cent) were giving up a ‘real’ Christmas tree for an artificial tree, and 17 per cent were using e-mail rather than sending Christmas cards. Composting was another popular change with 24 per cent of these respondents planning to compost left over food.

“Reducing their carbon footprint meant that 11 per cent of those Scots making changes were cutting down on their travel to see friends and relatives. Almost one in ten (nine per cent) were cutting down their use of lights in their Christmas decorations.”

Commenting on these results, David Primrose, a director of George Street Research with a particular interest in environmental issues, said: “These findings illustrate that what was once considered as faddish activity, practiced by a small minority, is now moving into the mainstream. The Scottish Government is committed to getting people to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and the message appears to be getting through; even at a time of traditional excess.”

These questions were included in the George Street Research quarterly Scottish Nature Omnibus.

A total of 1,132 face-to-face interviews were conducted with a quota sample of adults, aged 16+, across Scotland.

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