Media Release: Revolver PR calls for investment in digital PR training

Revolver PR has called upon companies to invest in digital PR training for young entrants to the industry.

Says a spokesperson: “Responding to recent calls from industry figures for the range of qualifications available to both aspiring and current public relations practitioners to be more digitally orientated, the leading digital PR agency has challenged communications firms to invest more heavily in training staff on the job.

“The company, with offices in Glasgow and Edinburgh, believes that organisations must be prepared to put time and resources into providing staff with the support required to get to grips with the digital media.”

Says Revolver PR managing director, Iain Bruce: “While there is a need for existing PR qualifications to encompass digital issues in order to meet the growing demand from agencies for digital PR practitioners, there is a limit to what you can expect such course to achieve.

“The digital media moves at the speed of light and is in a constant cycle of evolution and change, meaning that formal course materials are at risk of falling out of date before they’ve even been written.

“In our experience, new staff benefit far more from on-the-job digital PR training than they do by following a course-based syllabus. While this requires more time and resources to be focused upon each individual, it’s a process that ultimately produces far greater returns.”

The spokesperson continued: “A number of industry commentators have recently stated their belief that young people need to be more digitally-oriented in their qualifications in order to meet agencies growing demand for trained digital PR individuals. They suggest that recruitment consultants are now struggling to find suitable candidates and have call for potentials employees to be formally taught the foundations of digital knowledge.

“Revolver PR, conversely, calls for employers to invest in youth through a process of in-house digital PR training, whereby employees are given instruction on the job as opposed to studying through external educational institutions.”

Bruce continues: “There is far too great a number of wasteful media courses out there that do not prepare young people for the future as it is.

“On-the-job training is much more beneficial when considering that public relations companies require young individuals who pay attention, are keen to learn and who take direction without hesitance.”

Whilst the benefits of this are disputed somewhat within the industry, Revolver is of the opinion that internal training in digitally-enabled public relations consultancy and social media usage benefits the company just as much as the individual.

About Revolver PR

Founded by former European Entrepreneur of the Year, Steve Leach, and award-winning journalist, Iain S Bruce, Revolver PR is a digitally-enabled PR consultancy geared to deliver results across the print, broadcast and digital media.

Combining key press and public relations consultancy skills with leading-edge understanding of digital PR, internet news distribution, social media, events PR and video marketing, the agency offers a full range of corporate communications services designed to deliver twice the value of traditional PR.

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