Media Release: Gaia-Wind turbine customers to benefit from UK Feed-In Tariff

THE details of the UK government’s new Feed-In Tariff have been released today and make excellent reading for those considering renewable energy options.

Says a spokesperson: “The Feed-In Tariff (FIT), which is introduced from the 1st of April 2010, will reward households, small businesses and communities who install renewable technologies with payments for the low carbon energy they produce.

“This is great news for Gaia-Wind turbine customers, who will be able to claim 26.7p/kWh in 2010 (fiscal year) from the new FIT.

“This rate is available for all wind turbines in the 1.5-15kW range, and is higher than previous estimates of 23p/kWh. The new rate represents an increase of 15.7p/kWh from the previous ROC carbon credit scheme for small wind turbines.

“The full FIT levels have now been published by the Department of Energy and Climate Change and are designed to stimulate interest in, and significantly increase, the amount of green energy produced by the UK domestically.

“The UK has some of the windiest sites in Europe, and offers many ideal locations for installing a wind turbine. However, the majority of households and small businesses that would benefit from a small wind turbine are rarely located in coastal areas or on hilltops that would ordinarily provide ‘ideal’ conditions for installing a wind turbine.

“This is precisely why the Gaia-Wind turbine has been optimised for best performance in moderate wind speed areas which is typical for the UK and where most of our customers are currently using them. In moderate wind speeds, the Gaia-Wind turbine out produces any small wind turbine currently on the market, generating better value for all of our customers.

“Those who install a wind turbine will now benefit from the new tariff in three ways: lower energy bills, payments from electricity they feed back into the grid, and further payment from the FIT for all the energy they generate and either use themselves or feed back to the grid. The scheme is not limited to new installations and will also apply to any installations commissioned since July 2008.

“Driving the scheme is the government’s target to source around 30 per cent of all UK electricity from renewable sources. The UK currently obtains 5.5 per cent of electricity from renewable technologies, and small scale installations are vital to achieving the 30 per cent target in the next decade.”

About Gaia-Wind

Gaia-Wind manufactures wind turbines for light industrial, agricultural, commercial, municipal and residential use. Our clients include working farms, educational institutions, large home owners, offices and other commercial premises. Gaia-Wind works with a number of strategic partners in order to serve its customers in the UK and Ireland.

The organisation has installations worldwide, representing over 1,000 years of combined operational history. Gaia-Wind turbines incorporate over 20 years of Danish wind industry experience and offer features that are usually only found in larger, utility-scale turbines.

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