Media Release: Revolver PR calls for end to charging extra for digital PR Services

REVOLVER PR has criticised a ‘raft of major PR consultancies’ launching standalone digital PR divisions, for fundamentally misunderstanding the significance of the emerging channel.

Says a spokesperson: “Responding to a rash of recent announcements from public relations agencies, indicating that they intend to set up separate divisions providing clients with online PR services, Revolver PR believes that many in the industry have failed to understand the challenge presented by the digital media.

“The digitally-enabled public relations consultancy says that unless the sector is prepared to stop treating digital PR solely as a sales opportunity, it stands in danger of severely failing its customers.”

Says Revolver PR managing director, Iain Bruce: “What large parts of the industry apparently fail to understand is that, rather than being simply another opportunity to sell clients add-on services, digital PR is in fact a challenge to the entire public relations business: either get to grips with this increasingly important news and information channel or face losing some very disappointed clients.

“Too many agencies out there seem to have suddenly woken up to the existence of the online media and responded by rushing to charge clients extra for doing something they should have been on top of all along.

“Any PR strategy that’s worth ‘its salt’ should feature an approach to digital alongside its print and broadcast campaigns as a matter of course, and charging extra for doing so is frankly taking the mickey.”

Revolver PR’s approach is to combine key press and public relations skills with leading-edge understanding of digital PR, online news distribution and video marketing.

The agency’s team are experts in both the traditional press and online media, and ensure that all print and broadcast activity is accompanied by an appropriate multi-platform digital strategy that greatly increases the reach of their clients’ PR.

Added Bruce: “Public Relations consultancy  is changing fast. The ‘old school’ press skills that the industry grew up with are still as valid today as they ever were but they must now be applied across the rapidly-evolving world of online media – because news on the web is still news and clients’ reputations are just as important to them online as they are offline. These are the facts of digital life, and agencies that fail to recognise them will suffer in the long-term.

About Revolver PR

Revolver PR is one of Scotland’s leading digitally-enabled PR consultancies and is geared to deliver results across the print, broadcast and digital media.

Combining key press and public relations consultancy skills with leading-edge understanding of digital PR, internet news distribution, social media, events PR and video marketing, the agency offers a full range of corporate communications services designed to deliver twice the value of traditional PR.

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