Media Release: Revolver PR and YUVa launch digital signage project

REVOLVER PR and digital signage specialists, YUVa, have announced they are to develop a range of real-time digital products designed to deliver online press and promotional campaigns at street level.

Already underway, the collaboration has begun with the phase one development of a media mapping system that creates visual representations of the news and information landscape for a range of industries. Once completed, the technology will be adapted to deliver a raft of real-time media monitoring, promotional and advertising applications to clients in Scotland and the UK.

“There’s increasing demand for cross media PR and marketing campaigns that can be deployed on every channel from the online media to outdoor displays and we’re delighted to be working with YUVa on a series of applications designed to explore the possibilities on offer,” said Iain Bruce, Revolver’s managing director.

“Out of home advertising is no longer a static medium and as such has enormous potential for public relations consultancies looking to run 21st century strategies that can make an impact everywhere from your favourite news sites to the High Street.

“From outdoor displays that encourage consumers to interact with them via social media services to lighting and projection installations that turn city landmarks into highly visible campaign centrepieces, the range of possible options is almost infinite.”

Digital signage experts, YUVa’s system will enable users to publish almost any digital asset while overlaying custom information to a display.

Says a spokesperson: “Resolution independent graphics automatically mix and match to different screen resolutions while a separate web application manages all media assets, playlists and schedules and distributes content to multiple displays. The core application is extensible via custom quartz compositions that can visualise internet data as realtime 3D graphics or take advantage of numerous bluetooth enabled input devices to create interactive displays.”

Adds YUVa founder, Dan Roy: “Brands are beginning to demand a joined-up approach to corporate communications that sees their core message deployed across every possible channel in an integrated manner. Retailers are currently the primary consumers of the technology, but it is also increasingly being explored by banks, hotels, travel hubs, car dealerships, corporate offices and public sector organisations that need to run dynamic campaigns around events like Glasgow’s upcoming Commonwealth Games.

“Our system will target customers that need an affordable, easy to use solution that will work in the most varied of public environments. These range from dynamic wayfinding signs to digital posters, menus, maps, realtime info-graphics, transport schedules and twitter streams.”

YUVa – whose clients have included BBC Scotland, The Lighthouse and the Scottish Symphony Orchestra – will work with Scotland’s leading Digital PR agency on delivering a number of proof-of-concept and practical digital signage applications for clients.

Continues the spokesperson: “According to many reports the market for out of home digital advertising  is set to grow rapidly over the next few years, with once recent analysis predicting that the global market will enjoy an annual growth rate of over 26.8 per cent between now an 2013.”

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