Media Release: Historic pharmacy chain embraces 21st century

ONE of Scotland’s oldest and largest independent pharmacy chains has taken a bold step into the 21st century.

Lindsay & Gilmour, established in 1826, has embraced the latest telehealth technology in the form of a pioneering machine called the ‘Cardio Pod’.

The system, created by industry pioneers Telehealth Solutions, can calculate the risk of a person developing heart disease in the next decade in just 20 minutes. It has already been installed at two of the company’s 24 pharmacies, including Juniper Green in Edinburgh and Sauchie in Clackmannanshire.

A respected family firm, Lindsay & Gilmour already offers an extensive range of services, which will be enhanced by the presence of the Cardio Pod.

Says a spokesperson: “The machine uses the latest touch-screen technology and calculates the patient’s risk of having a heart attack in the next ten years. This is perfectly illustrated by a square of smiling and frowning faces, the proportions of which vary with risk level

“Once the test is complete the pharmacist advises customers how they can make positive diet and lifestyle changes. The results are also given to the person to keep or take to their doctor if further medical action is required.

“A Cardio Pod training session was recently held by Telehealth Solutions at Lindsay & Gilmour’s headquarters in Smith’s Place. Present were deputy superintendent pharmacist, Yvonne Williams, and managing director and superintendent pharmacist, Robbie McGregor, who were delighted to discover how easy it is to use.”

Robbie said the investment was a real boost for patients, particularly given the time it saves, adding: “Lindsay & Gilmour has borne witness to myriad changes in the pharmaceutical industry over the past 150 years and have always moved with the times to meet the needs of our customers.

“We already offer many services, including blood pressure and cholesterol testing, but the Cardio Pod has taken this particular service a lot further.

“In the past, people had to visit a doctor’s surgery for heart checks, which was often not conducive to their busy lives. Now a short visit to one of our pharmacies is all it takes to give people informed medical advice and peace of mind. Our customers are at the heart of our business so we’re delighted to put their hearts first.”

One Lindsay & Gilmour customer, who was among the first to try out the new machine, said the visual impact of his results had a profound effect on him. Shortly after he was told he was at serious risk of having a heart attack in the next decade, he was put on statins by his doctor.

The 61 year-old businessman said: “I was shocked when the Cardio Pod test revealed that I had a 33.3 per cent chance of having a heart attack. My cholesterol level was 10.2 when it should ideally be below five. Being able to pop into my local pharmacy and have the Cardio Pod test potentially saved my life and I now take my health more seriously.”

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