Media Release: HIAL announces commencement of new state-of-the-art security system at Inverness Airport

HIGHLANDS and Islands Airports Limited (HIAL) announced today (Wednesday 31st March) that a new state-of-the-art security hold baggage system is now fully functioning at Inverness Airport following a two-week implementation phase.

The introduction of the £250,000 system allows both an improvement in security measures as well as an added level of customer service. The new system substantially reduces the amount of bag checks that are required for hold baggage and in most cases eliminates the requirement for a physical check to take place.

Graeme Bell, manager of Inverness Airport, says; “The newly implemented security system offers versatility, accuracy, and ease of use to counter potential terrorist activities. There is now an extremely rigorous security standard across the aviation sector and the new system will ensure a simpler, safer, faster customer experience for all our passengers, from check-in to departure.”

“The new system means that Inverness Airport will no longer be required to carry out random bag searches without cause. This was a time consuming, but necessary, part of everyday life at the airport. The two-week implementation phase has caused no disruption to passengers and is now fully functioning.”

Ian Davies, project manager for Geo. Robson & Co. (Conveyors Ltd) who installed the system, comments: “This automatic explosive detection system, HI-SCAN 10080 EDX-2is, supplied by Smiths Heimann represents the latest in explosives recognition technologies, achieving the highest rate of detection in its class. Its ability to ‘look behind’ hidden objects located within baggage means that the rate of rejected baggage is considerably reduced, in turn reducing the need for re-inspection.

“The system will automatically divert rejected bags to a holding area whilst the X-ray image is transferred to an operator workstation for visual inspection. The multi-level system approach (operating up to level 4) allows for maximum scrutiny whilst achieving a screening rate of up to 1800 luggage items per hour. This will enhance customer services at Inverness Airport, making baggage checks swifter whilst ensuring maximum and effective screening is achieved.”


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