Media Release: Google ‘wise’ to look to move further into VoIP technology, claims Scottish SEO company,

WITH an ever-expanding empire in the world of search and online communication, some believed that Google was missing a string to its bow when it came to VoIP software. Recent news that the company is in negotiations to buy publically-traded Norwegian company, Global IP Solutions, suggests that Google is planning to complete its arsenal with a new solution.

SEO company [] commend Google for its ability to spot opportunities. Queryclick explained: “As Google has continued to grow, it’s suffered from the same problems that face any rapidly and massively expanding business – the fact that the bigger you get, the harder you fall.

“However, the company has continued to make smart purchases and spot holes in the market, as well as showing its not afraid to take risks or write a project off as a failure if it doesn’t come to fruition, We think that the acquisition of a company like Global IP Solutions would be a very smart move for the search engine – especially as it tries to move further into the mobile market.

“Google also bought VoIP provider Gizmo5 in November of last year, and this latest attempted acquisition suggests the search company hasn’t found its ideal solution yet. The new deal with Global IP Solutions is still awaiting approval from stockholders, although both businesses appear confident that approval will be granted.

“A report in The Guardian suggests that an announcement from Global IP Solutions last month could hold the key to the acquisition: the company stated that it was introducing new technology to make it easier for Android developers to integrate video conferencing and chat into their apps.”

A spokesperson for QueryClick continued: “It’s very interesting to see how Google will continue to adapt its services for the rise of the mobile web. With internet services available from all manner of Smartphones, the uptake in mobile web use has been fast and keeping up with the needs and demands of the customer means changing gameplans for many businesses.

“Companies now need to make sure search engine optimisation, advertising and PPC campaigns are able to interact successfully with the desires of users who are expecting more and more from their online services – whether it means added functionality, or sites that are easy to browse from mobile devices.”

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