Media Release: ‘Artificial life’ breakthrough welcomed by Scottish Humanists

THE Humanist Society of Scotland (HSS) has welcomed the development of the first synthetic living cell which was announced yesterday.

Clare Marsh, from HSS, said: “This is a significant development for science however it also provides further proof that humans developed as a result of evolution and not from a god as some would try to lead us to be believe. We at HSS would like to congratulate Dr Craig Venter on this significant scientific breakthrough.”

Says a spokesperson: “HSS has held a long-term interest in such scientific developments and has a Bioethics Sub-committee within the organisation which monitors and considers associated issues within the modern day context.

“However, Dr Craig’s development of the first synthetic living cell has already attracted some criticism from other scientists who have accused him of ‘playing god’.”

Marsh continues: “It is important that the ethical arguments surrounding this breakthrough are not clouded by the religious lobby, rather the focus should remain very much about the scientific benefits and how the technique is used for the better good.”

Continues the spokesperson: “As well as providing significant medical breakthroughs with new drugs and treatments, the potential of the development of synthetic live cells could provide alternatives to the use of oil and reverse some of the damage to the environment by capturing carbon dioxide.”


For further information please contact: Clare Marsh on (0141) 633 1378 or Caroline Weintz on 07717 326 919.

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