Media Release: Metismo partners with OpenPath

METISMO are pleased to announce that they have signed an agreement with mobile porting house, OpenPath, to work together in a number of areas.

Says a spokesperson: “Metismo will licence their Bedrock cross-platform technology to OpenPath. With Bedrock, a content developer is able to develop an application and deploy that application across a full range of digital distribution channels from the web, to mobile devices and even handheld consoles.

“OpenPath will make available to Metismo its in-house BREW knowledge and expertise to supplement its existing team and will work with OpenPath to continue to add support of forthcoming BREW devices to the Bedrock framework.”

Said John Chasey, CEO of Metismo: “BREW continues to be an extremely successful platform and working with OpenPath we have access to technical resources based within the coverage of the biggest BREW carriers globally.

“The expertise and strong history of BREW development at OpenPath means that they are the best partner possible and will allow us to improve our BREW support to clients.”

Richard Smith, CTO of OpenPath, continued: “We know how important it is for publishers to support multiple device platforms. Bedrock is one of the most well though-out and publisher-friendly frameworks that I have seen. The Metismo team is very committed to making Bedrock an important tool in combating fragmentation.”

Bedrock operates on a site licence basis depending upon number of developers and platforms required, but does not charge fees per application or on the number of units sold.

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The spokesperson added: “Bedrock’s rapid production environment and device database enable you to prototype, develop and target your application to hundreds of handsets quickly and easily. Its cross compiler converts your Java source code to human readable C++, simultaneously deploying your product to Mobiles; Apple iPhone, Android, BREW, Symbian, Blackberry and Windows Mobile, Handhelds; Sony PSP and Nintendo DS and the web with HTML5 or Flash.”

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