Media Release: A plan for online success

SCOTTISH internet consultants, Red Evolution, have launched a new service aimed at helping businesses cut through the hype and figure out how to use the web profitably.

The service provides information on an organisation’s competitors, the general search market for their products and the effort required to start generating enquiries or making sales on-line.

Red Evolution’s senior internet consultant, Dave Robinson, said: “So many businesses are in a state of confusion over how to use the web effectively.

“We think it’s important they arm themselves with impartial help and advice before securing the services of web designers and on-line marketers.

“Although we offer web services this new product stands alone and companies can use it to approach other providers for quotes, the difference is they will be much better informed and they’ll know what they need.”

Full details and pricing of the website strategy service are available on the company’s website.

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Contact: Dave Robinson
Phone: 01224 443551